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Thread: Will the Permanent Post Parrot ever phase out of the Trion store?

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    Will the Permanent Post Parrot ever phase out of the Trion store?

    Hey all.

    Simple question. Just wondering if the Permanent Post Parrot and any of the other items in those packs will ever phase out. I was just lucky enough to grab a perm parrot for cheap on AH, and am wondering if I should sit on it and wait for it to become scarce and then sell it, or if I should just use it and be happy at my fortune.

    I need to access mail frequently for my land dealings, and am not always near a mailbox.


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    I am not sure if this helps you, but in regards to costumes Trion kept giving us new costumes until hallowtide - which is when they brought back the Bloodmaw Eveningwear and crashed its value. I think, that at some point they might remove the parrots (meaning: they might stop to introduce new ones - not delete the already existing ones), but I am sure they (or XLG) would introduce new ways to access the mails from everywhere.

    If you have use for the permanent parrot, I would suggest you use it. If it is just cosmetics to you and you want to keep looking for a mailbox, keep it wrapped and sell it later (a couple of months or perhaps more - if at all).

    That's my opinion on this though (I have been buying/selling costumes since headstart and I can say that reselling them usually makes a nice coin - unless there is no demand for them, because their appearance is awful; for the parrot it could mean, that it might sell better if there is no replacement, or perhaps even worse if there is an easier-to-get-replacement).
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