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Thread: Petition to stop people from posting petitions on forums

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    Petition to stop people from posting petitions on forums

    I ask everyone reading this to sign my petition to stop trolls and people who have no idea what they are talking about posting random/useless/stupid petitions that no one will sign

    Come forward my dear brothers and sisters, we shall all sign this stupid and useless petition so trion can ban people who use the word petition without even knowing what it means

    But seriously everyone is just starting stupid petitions
    Like there has been 4 petitions in the past 2 days that are just pointless
    And also for the people who say "sign my petition"
    You didn't even specify where we have to sign
    Is it on a website somewhere? Or we just say sign or something? Or we actually sign our names on a piece of paper then take a photo and upload it here?

    If you people are actually gonna start a petition
    Do it properly
    And actually make it a petition

    Not just a few words that suggests what should be in the game or something like that

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    It is just a way people like to vent, but then again I have seen changes in game when there are enough players posting about it on the forums. To sign a form petition you just do a reply with: /signed
    I am outraged that you are outraged, and if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention!

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