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Thread: Semi structured small group GvG

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    Semi structured small group GvG

    Rather than a set tournament, I'd like to suggest a semi-structured small group PvP event.

    The "structure" is below:
    • 5 Man teams
    • No gear limitations (My team will have 1x 5k 3x 3k and 1x 2.5k).
    • NBSI: Not Blue Stab It (If your not grouped with that player/team, they are open season, hit bloodlust and go to town.) Don't be dicks/vengeful with reporting blood etc.
    • Third Party: By all means, dogpile into other group fights if you want, just remember the above statement, don't turn it into a faction v faction, use strategy to kill the ones that will be the biggest threat to you.
    • Location: Random Zone, will likely be a coastal zone like Cinderstone, Freedich etc. Open to suggestions. If pirates are interested and want to field teams, we can move it to auroria.
    • Cowards: Strategically withdrawing from a battle is normal. Running to a neutral guard to kill your opposition is an act of cowardice.
    • Count your team kills and report back in this thread. We'll come up with a leader board for bragging rights.

    Any idea's/comments are welcome. Would like first one to be on Thursday primetime if we have enough interest.
    Sakuracalli (West)

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    Sandsdeep or Calmlands would be good locations - Low foot traffic, both zones are next to dead except farmers. Both have plenty have areas that would encourage "tactical" play.

    Good idea that would breathe some life into the daily grind.
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    Guild Wise Choice is always up for those events! /w me ingame on name Genesis, we can setup it!
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    Yes Sakura!! love this idea mate.. yano me im always up for PvP Exiles are defo down.. Genesis i will whisper you Sakura.. whisper me when your on pal

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    If you make it auroria on a weekend, then I imagine pirates would be down to field a few groups.

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