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    So Your saying you banned all these people because they didn't come to you even though it was blasted all over the forums. I think YOU GUYS should of contacted them not the other way around. This is a poor choice for you guys because if they were doing it right and it glitch out it on you guys for a poor game. You guys should at least reached out to them not the other way around when it was common knowledge that it happen. YOUR GAME has nothing but glitches so when everyone in this game is use to bugs and something bugs out it normal to us. So when another day of this game bugs out you shouldn't be taken action like this you should figure out what happen and fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niniell View Post
    what's up? I want my account back, I want my money invested in patron during that year I played. Why did not the game right, wait staff invest money, lots of money and then simply ban? the time investimo this game ?? They did not think anything of it ???
    You got value for that by being able to play that year einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by LokiDaKid View Post
    I don't understand. Does Trion know HOW Rage Quit exploited Leviathan? You guys HAVE to be implying that you think they intentionally exploited it, so do you?

    If not, or if you aren't implying this, why did they need to send tickets? A ticket saying what? "Umm.. Leviathan got stuck while we were attempting it, so we killed it. Don't think this is intended" It was pretty obvious that Leviathan was broken, and some of their own members have made pictures/videos public to show this. What more did you want?

    Let's be honest. They triggered the carebears, the carebears witch-hunted. You guys catered to the carebears.

    How is it that whatever happens, it's the fault of the Carebears?

    How many Carebears were at that Leviathan fight?

    And yet it's their fault ... that no one from Rage Quit.... had the integrity to notify Trion that something was wrong when they killed the leviathan.

    Alrighty then. Carebears must also be responsible for Disco and Boy Bands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayBe View Post
    Don't trust him! I got taken to a bad place when I took them up on the offer...
    lmao RQ killed us when we tried getting on it. I just wanted it to sink with all the people on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemus View Post
    I am more years than you in games and industry but I won't enter in an "I know better than you" discussion here.
    But you should already know that out there there are players who can't even read right a tool tip. How much to know if what they see is normal or not.
    Anyway, even if what you say is correct (something we could argue for days), these guys did nothing irreversible.
    They have not altered server's economy or something.
    They just killed a glitched boss.
    Remove the loot, give a 72 hours ban as example, spawn Leviathan again and everything is back in order.
    It's not like they created a huge chaos.
    The only chaos I see here is from people with torches and forks...

    This isn't even "game breaking" like the honor exploit. You could literally just remove achievements, remove loot, and temp ban them. This is literally just about perm banning these guys to please the whiny carebears

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celestrata Bloodsong View Post
    There is a very, very clear difference between Easter Eggs and glitches/exploits. And yes, I've played games for over 25 years and I have over 8 years of professional experience in the industry. This is not a battle where people did not know what to do. Leviathan has been attempted in other regions, and the strategies are documented. Any guild attempting this most likely has done their homework long enough to know that this was very erratic, unintended behavior from the Leviathan. (And I also don't think that anyone would consider a floating, unmoving, non-attacking monster to be an 'easter egg.')
    With the amount of bad decisions made by you and your team at trion im sure you could not tell the diffrence either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shuzzah View Post
    No that isn't the big picture. If a server relied on the activity of ~50-60 players who had no issues abusing a bug/exploit in game for massive personal gain then that speaks more to the bigger picture of the community on Nazar than anything else. Don't be mad at Trion, be mad at the guild that abused the bug/exploit and thus got themselves banned.
    Speaking from experience, a policy where permanent bans are used in circumstances like these will hurt the community. They also don't work because ban evasion isn't or can't be enforced.

    We all know it's a trash guild full of slimeballs now, but when they make new accounts, we won't know who they are. Transfers are this month.
    F A T A L I T Y

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aresa View Post
    With BDO around the corner, I don't think this was your smartest move Trion.

    I do agree with the fact that yes they should have been punished. But by permanently banning 53 members of one of the stronger guilds out of all the servers? You are losing almost an entire server out of that.

    Archeage is already losing people. From an economical and playerbase standpoint... this is not good for you. lol
    They knew it was bad, they deserved to get banned, even if it was the entire guild. If they banned in kr/ru for exploiting levi, good thing they did it in our region as well.
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    OMG I cannot believe what I just read.

    *huggles Celestrata* This is one thing that I am very proud of. Good job Trion and thank you for caring and rectifying this issue.

    And Lol for everybody who supported Rage Quit's action in the other thread and even went too far by congratulating them.
    Looking at you (a particular guild) people on Eanna, you know who you are, I am once again ashamed of you and your officer('s).

    Your way of judging just got rekt, congratulations...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Physician View Post
    Who will be the leading guild in Nazar now?
    Maybe I should start a Bunnyweasel guild

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