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    It has become exceedingly clear to me that the concerns raised by those directly affected by the bans, and the playerbase at large, have fallen on deaf ears. Any choice that Trion may have had in reevaluating this incident has been stripped away by the facade of solidarity put on by Celestrata. His initial presentation of the official decision, and subsequent responses to various posts in this thread, have been unbecoming of a community manager and have further damaged what little trust remains between Trion and its customers.

    From the outset, this entire incident has been botched. Conclusions were drawn prematurely, facts were misconstrued, the voices of those directly affected by the decision were stifled, and the justifications given for the actions taken by Celestrata have since been thrown into serious doubt. Whether or not it makes any difference at this stage, I want to point out several of the more worrisome factors of the handling of this incident.
    1. Despite the results of a "thorough" investigation by Trion's customer service, 1 of the 53 non-appealable bans has already been reversed on grounds of having nothing to do with the incident.
    2. The bans were enforced primarily due to our failure to submit a bug report in good faith, something that Trion has never taken a stance on in the past, rather than as a direct result of our actions.
    3. Instead of banning only those responsible for the decision made to continue the fight after Leviathan bugged, Trion scoured their logs to ban everyone from our guild who was a participant in the fight (as per Celestrata in the OP). To add insult to injury, the reversal of 1 of the 53 bans shows this to have been a falsity.
    4. Collusion's attempt at trolling (asking to have his pants gemmed in return for access to the video) was used as a direct justification for the bans, almost all of which were enacted on players that had absolutely nothing to do with his request. This has established a dangerous precedent of group punishment which further encourages players to police each other, a policy which has led to nothing but issues in previous iterations.
    5. Numerous references have been made by Celestrata as to our failure to work openly with Trion during this incident. Despite Trion's apparent interest in a collaborative process, not once did they make an attempt to contact any members of our guild. To further substantiate the matter, all of our attempts at contacting Trion, most of them admittedly occurring after the bans, have been stifled.

    I could go on, but for fear of going off on a tangent I'll leave it at that. I wish everyone who will continue to invest their time in Archeage the best, and I sincerely hope that no one else has to play victim to whatever impulsive decision Trion makes next. As for everyone else, I'll see you in the Desert.

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    Scenario: You find a bug that lets you obtain something significant in game, like duplicating APEX.
    What do you do?

    Multiple Choice.

    A. Post a forum thread that says "APEX bug found".

    B. Tell people that you are exploiting the bug and duped APEX. (You actually use the word exploit in your chat logs)

    C. Brag to other players that you know how the APEX dupe occurred and share the information (to other players, not Trion).

    D. Quickly spend the APEX, follow it up with purchases/regrades, so to make it harder for it to be removed.

    E. Jest on forums and in-game about Trion not banning you for exploiting and duping APEX.

    F. Submit a support ticket to Trion indicating you found an APEX dupe bug, include replication steps, any evidence, location of duped APEX (for easy removal), and assure them it was unintentional.

    My opinion is that there is only 1 correct answer.

    Feel free to defend the other options, but you're not going to change my mind. Sorry.

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    As stated yesterday, I am closing this thread at this point because we've reached the limit of our productive discussions. Many people at this point have been either re-hashing what has already been said, or have chosen to insult/berate others in the thread for not following along with their opinions, be it for or against this action.

    First of all, thank you to everyone who politely participated in this discussion and let us know your opinions and feelings. We've read almost everything here (and there is a lot of it) and we really appreciate all of the feedback.

    Now, as this official discussion thread is being closed, we politely ask that no more discussions of this subject appear on the forums. Should a new thread be opened in another section of the forums, it will be removed and the poster will receive warning for failing to follow a moderator's actions. Should they do it again, it will step up to an infraction, which can lead to temporary or permanent bans.

    Thank you all in advance!

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