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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
    Hey looks like i need to find a job for 1pm - 8pm full time, so i can wake up and play ArcheAge at 3AM - 12PM. Thank you.
    Kenny if you find a job with those hours let me know. RIP oce

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    My friend sam says he will quit if you're taking away all the events away from him! Please stop!
    I'm banned

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    Why can't trion make the event 4 hourly like cr n gr? Those who wan pvp will get to pvp. For the quest since u can only complete once a day so no medal inflation. Understand Lucas might have an issue due to drops. Should have make choices for ppl to choose whether to attend or not.

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    @Trion, and by extension, XLGames:

    Thank you for separating NA and EU event timers. It makes mroe sense to have them separate than tied together. While the times are not optimal for me perrsonally, they are better than what they were before.

    As for the Oceanic population, maybe it's time you take a look at creating or converting a server that operates on Oceanic times? Ya, I know... NA servers blahblah, but still, a large portion of players are from the other side of the world, and just maybe they need their own server with their own "primetime" hours.
    Is anyone else sad to know that people will rant and rave about being banned when they know damn good and well they broke the rules? Sadder still is the energy consumption and the lengths they will go to so they can continue to break them... and the threads they post when they finally get caught.

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    It's not better for Eu and i'm sure it sucks for many American player too.
    Btw i don't get the 9hour window thing... Right know we have event from 2am GMT (MM) to 10pm GMT (Lusca) that's way more than 9hours
    Why can't trion make the event 4 hourly like cr n gr?
    You can complete Halcyo & MM quest each time it spawn (exept for the 10 killss in Halcyo)

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    all events in a 9 hour period?


    do americans know that there are NON americans in the world?

    HELLO? stop screwing us poor oceanics. how about you spread the events out completely evenly.

    how about you stop giving americans preferential treatment. or is that too much to ask?

    do you know how many other countries are in the world?

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    So this is how trion is viewing its playerbase and timezones ......

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    Okay lets get this straight, first we had:

    Rapid Fire Abilities - totally broken but hey Trion still wasting time on them

    Next we were getting:

    The Skill Queue - again broken but hey we still working on it

    Now we are getting:

    North America and European Schedule Separation - Yay again how can an Oceanic actually do an event

    Is there a pattern here? Either skills that need high ping or times that make it impossible to play effectively from anywhere, unless you live in Dallas? Seriously wake the hell up Trion before you have one dying server left.

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    im australlian!!!!

    so i have to be awake from 3am and skip work to play to 10am to get content????

    RIP, i suppose i should quit now??

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    Very nice, and super nice that you will release info about the korean updates before they hit NA/EU.
    One of the biggest flaws I think with Korean developed games are the time one wait for updates that one know are released in Korea.
    So anything that can smooth that, is a great step!

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