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Thread: Is there any decent players or guilds left in this game?

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    Is there any decent players or guilds left in this game?

    It seems like every guild I join has crap leadership and is full of people with developmental issues circle jerking.

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    Do some research before randomly joining any guild willy-nilly-like. More than likely most guilds just look to fill slots but don't do content. If you're looking for a competent guild, check gear score ranks in leaderboards, look at recruitment pages and see what's available. Talk to guild leaders and see what type of content they like doing.

    Also make sure your gear score isn't garbage and you know how to do content

    A very generalistic approach, im sure someone will nit pick at what I said but it takes a little digging. If you hang around in faction chat and do events you'll get a good idea of what guilds come out to do stuff.
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