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Thread: High GS players griefing traders.

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    High GS players griefing traders.

    I know high GS doesn't come free or easy, and playing the game for a long time
    should have some form of reward in terms of making your character powerful.
    But the situation where several 4k GS-players can't even make a dent into a veteran
    players health because they are all dead, needs to get sorted out. I've seen high GS
    characters EASILY take out 6-7 players with a GS mixed 3-4k, with all of them getting 3shotted
    by the higher GS...

    So how are new players that are working on building their characters suppose to earn
    their gold when veterans just show up with their supergear and stomp the crap out
    of the newer players !?.

    Yes i know .. pvp. But its no longer pvp when you can't really do anything.
    Yes i know getting a high GS costs thousands on gold and should be worth both
    time and money invested. But when 6 combined players can't beat a single one,
    something is wrong, gear shouldn't make you godlike to other players.

    ESPECIALLY not when gear = pay-to-win.... Buy Apex and sell for gold, buy gear..

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    That’s the growing crisis of this game, But it’s a "delicate" situation... not much can be done without pissing someone off, or ruining the game in the process

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    There's this thing called safe, non-pvp zones where you can turn in your packs without the risk of pvp? Don't be lured by the slightly higher turn in reward of the pvp zones for now. Stick to your safe zones until you can readily defend yourselves then that's the time you venture out into riskier routes.

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    Killing lowbies for packs isn't griefing...

    Anyway, if you can't hold your own, take that into account. Do runs during off-hours, when nobody is around. Stick to safe zones. Wait for peace. Manage your risks.

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    4k is a base now they give that out free to subs. So if you are less then that... Also do safe things till you are that low. Basically there is a curve in the game that makes it easier to get money the more gear you have. So yeah. I might have been right with you complaining when I started the game. But now that I had to learn how to make money without that... I don't see this as such a problem. You can literally make money without stepping off your property so nah. Don't run packs with alts...

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    gear up in the safe zones how hard is that stop asking for the game to be made easy for you. there are already zones where you can do safe trade runs and can't get ganked leave the rest of the world alone please.

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