Hello Celetrata,

yesterday a rare event occured, a GM showed on my main server (Sirothe).

After his decent greeting to the server, the chat was immediately filled with trash. Some obvious trolls towards the GM and a clear show of general disrespect and lack of decency.

While there were no real insults and the GM stayed classy all the time, maybe even got a laugh or two from it, some things said really made me feel ashamed for my fellow haranians.

I seriously asked myself - why donīt those folks get temp banned to teach them some manners?

Aside from maybe a manpower issue, i hardly wonder why GMs are seldom seen, even if itīs part of the job description, who really wants to deal with such immature, inadequate behaviour from the player base? Or should have to.

IMHO: A GM showing up is a great thing and time for direct support or even nice talks with the GM if no questions require attention.
Yesterday was just embarassing, childish, trolling, dickhead spamming the chat.

Again respect for the GM who stayed classy all the time, i know itīs part of the job, but still.

Aside from the useless trolls there was one player accusing a guild of cheating/exploiting openly in the chat.
Iīd see that as name calling, this ainīt allowed in the forums, it shouldnīt be in server chats either - i bet one can ask the GM to enter a whisper conversation.

I remember games with more frequent GM interaction, where GMīs were treated respectfully (not saying jokes arenīt allowed, but that useless spam yesterday wasnīt even funny) and were warmly welcomed everytime.

So i wonder, arenīt there any rules that dictate a somewhat decent behaviour in presence of a GM?