Let's do some math.

One week of archeage on 9 servers =
378,000 gold from Delphinad Ghost Ships
540,000 gold from Abyssal trade packs
18 ayanad equivalent weapons i'll modestly price at 15k ea = 270,000 gold

Those 3 events alone produce roughly 1,100,000 gold a week. We won't even mention all the other world bosses, gold trader, castle taxes, and numerous other events every week. The problem with this is that MOST of these servers are uncontested and one or two guilds controls these events on every respawn. They aren't wasting time or money on buffing. They just show up at respawn and collect their gold.

Have you ever wondered why top tier weapons/armors are so expensive? Why you farm and do your trade packs every day but it still seems impossible to catch up in gear without paying. Well, there is your answer.

Suddenly, cut the amount of servers from 9 to 4. Suddenly, add in gold costs to these guilds fully buffing in order to obtain this content. Hey, look. Your trade packs are worth more. Your land farming is now viable. Is this going to put you on an equal level playing field with the top guilds? No. Right now you aren't even in the same stratosphere though.