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Thread: New name for Archeage: DarkRunner Age

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    New name for Archeage: DarkRunner Age

    So after dropping the smelly piece o garbage known as patch 2.9, I think we need to rename ArcheAge. Its patently obvious that one class is completely Over Powered. Its the darkrunner. Archers got Nerfed a long time ago. Now witchcraft got the axe, and the defense tree is substantially weaker. The consistent move to nerf specific skill trees has reduced the game from 120 playable classes to only a few. This is deliberate, read below. I argue that there is really only one class that compensates for a lack of gear score and allows you a win in just about every PvP situation.

    One class stands out as the clear winner of the nerf patch wars. Its the Darkrunner. I started the game as darkrunner. I loved it until I ran into some good stone arrows, blighters and abolishers. Redoubt was my bane. Not anymore. When the game started you could 2 or 3 hit someone, but it took a bit of timing and some skill. Redoubt had to be run from. With the nerfs to defense and the new terrifying roar and throw dagger issue, even if redoubt is up, its still a two or three hit kill. The amount of gear on a 6k gear score darkrunner gives an insane crit proc. Defense now offers no defense, instead of running from redoubt its a straight up 2 second kill. How can you survive a 100,000 hp crit proc? How fun is it to play a game, where you invest lots of time and money, when you die in 2 seconds?

    Picture included from later in this post on pages 12 and 13 of a 100,000 crit proc.

    My point is if you want to two shot someone with loads of defense there is only one class that consistently and easily tears through all the hard work players put in their character. My goal in this post is to create more darkrunners and to make sure the existing darkrunners take advantage of all the cheese they have on their plate. When the game is out of balance as bad as it is now, its important to take advantage of the situation while you can. I believe that the dark runner will be the premier class until battle rage, auramancy or shadow play gets a nerf. Odds are pretty good these skill trees will not be nerfed anytime soon.

    Now after a bug ridden patch, you can even go so far as to get the battle rage "Terrifying roar" and "throw dagger" to lock out ALL their skills with a nasty global cool down for a good 6 seconds or more, so they can't do ANYTHING while you slay them.

    Again no one seems to have commented on this. The battle rage "Terrifying roar" inflicts a weaken state that increases stun and slow duration, when combined with shadow play's throw dagger there is a global cool down triggered where there is NOTHING your victim can do for 6 seconds. ALL SKILLS, ALL POTS, ALL HOPE IS GONE FOR 6 SECONDS! Its supposed to be like 1.5 seconds normally but the Terrifying roar debuff tosses it up to 6 seconds in PVP.

    If you have a good leather set with decent strength and an epic weapon, even a leaf shredder you are unstoppable as a dark runner. You don't even need to be a leech runner. Just straight up stun and trip someone till they die.

    Now if you want the pure cheese method, and have no shame, follow the leech runner guide. No matter how people say its cheap, it proves a powerful point, you can win any time you want to as a DR. There was a video near game launch that showed the basics. Get the honor nodachi and bind it to your tool bar. Shadow step, leech switch to the honor nodachi click the tool bar for the crazy OP Enraged Buff, then back to your epic weapon and have at it. Two hit someone... its cool. The honor Nodachi is 140 Gold at ANY WEAPON Mechant. Get it and win.

    This video is dated. IT IS STILL RELEVANT TODAY for the leech runner technique
    THIS IS NOT ABOUT 1v1 ARENA! It is about the leech runner technique which can be used ANYWHERE!

    Should you be a complete mental handicap and have no idea what you are doing ... say you may not be able to kill them with the basic stalkers mark, shadow step, overwhelm, shadow smite, leech, honor nodachi, frenzied attack... and they manage to survive... and then you hit them with terrifying roar and throw dagger and have 6 seconds to do what you please... and they still survive... then you can always runaway with teleport, mirror warp, then behind enemy lines and get away with stealth. The mobility of this class is insane.

    There is no downside. Hit them with everything and if they don't die, run away and hide. Simple strategy. If you have a friend that is a DR then there is nothing anyone can do, they are dead. 2 v 1 with lock down is an instant win. The enemy is stunned tripped and slowed until dead.

    Its game over especially if you get the drop on them. It doesn't take much to learn what buffs you need. The only draw back, and I mean the only draw back to a dark runner, is getting all the buffs ready. Its a small price to pay for the instant win.

    People there is no reason to play any other class in this game. You know it, I know it and everyone else should know it. Try to get at least celestial leather gear, and get an awesome nodachi or great sword and win all the time. Or go dual wield, and macro the nodachi switch so you can equip the off hand weapon again. If you are a mage with a really cool Katana that got nerfed then follow the XL trion lead, that Katana makes a good main hand DPS weapon. They nerfed magic because they wanted people to switch to being "a support class." Say good bye to the death trap of being a DR target mage class and join the winning team. Pick up a Cold Anguish off of the corpse of Captain Rangora on Freedich or buy it for cheap off the auction house. It makes a great off hand for dual wielding with your Katana. You'd need some focus in the weapon, but your are covered as far as DR weapons go.

    Definately get a cold, it is a BiS item and almost needed for dual wield DR's. The reason why is it gives a flat 10 melee damage, that's the equivalent of 50str on a weapon. It also gives 2% melee crit and 38 agility so 2.4% crit overall, which is desperately needed to keep a decent crit rate with str heavy armor like desert or flame. The added stam is also super nice, as is the katanas hidden proc to guarantee a crit on your next attack.
    By the way "Support Class" in Trion speak means you can't survive on your own. Its a deliberate move to deal a death blow to specific skill trees and force the player base in particular direction. The "why" is a discussion for a future post. Links here and here to see what is going on.

    Now there is an exception to every rule. There are some mad cat players that have perfected their class and can defend against even the best of DRs. Also, some people are still complaining about the "invincible mage ball" raid pvp tactics. Let the less fortunate "support class" sheep like players that follow each other in all day herds be the revenants, mages and healers. The weak need to stick together to survive. If you have an insatiable blood lust for pvp anywhere any time of day then dark runner is for you. The darkrunner is still effective in the giant mage ball raid pvp. Its great mobility with shrug it off allows the darkrunner to survive and feed on the weak that get left behind or fall out of position. Again the DR is a glass cannon and yes in a 50 v 50 fight I'd rather have some mages and healers than 50 dark runners.

    So we do have a case where the giant mage ball can trump just about anything. Lets just ask one question, how much of your PvP day is spent in 50 v 50 raid fighting? How much in arenas? How much time stealing packs? Fighting over water, or flaming logs? I think that 90% of the time the DR is the better answer to all of Archage's PvP.

    Can you spot the Dark Runner in the mage ball?

    Anyways... here above is the original DR video that shows how to be a leech runner. Easy peasy. Learn how to win every fight. Never lose. Just be sure to get the drop if its against another dark runner. Again if you play any other class you are hurting yourself in ArcheAge. The clear winner, no question most OP class ever after the 2.9 patch is Dark Runner. Nothing but the reset timer for battle rage was tweaked, no other nerfs.

    What you need gear wise is leather for a balance between magic and physical defense. You are a glass cannon anyway, you only need the gear to get enough strength to do mele damage. You only need focus in your weapon and mele attack. Get mele attack crit rate or mele damage increase gems. You just need a good weapon preferably epic to be unstoppable. Socket the 335 honor toughness gems in your legs and the 435 resilience gems in your shirt. You can re-roll and win in no time. If you don't have strength its not the end of the world, the guy in the videos didn't have the right gear either. Obviously Trion profits nicely if you do decide you have rebuild your gear.

    As of 2.9 ArcheAge is broken. This post is here to help you become the best class in this game. My hope is if everyone goes DR, someone somewhere may start to see it as a problem. In the mean time enjoy your easy wins.

    After reviewing the comments it seems that most people are not familiar with the DR build. There are many guides. I will link the same guy who did the leech runner guide. Watch listen and learn. Its an OK guide you will find what works for you. Again this is dated, but still very relevant! Try it and win!

    Just as a note be sure to drop the passive he has in shadow play and pick up throw dagger. Also you need to get terrifying roar. I use a 2 hander so I don't get the dual wield passive in battle rage. So my recommend build is the same minus the dual wild passive and the shadow play passive he has. Anyways its all up to you. I'd just be sure to take advantage of the 6 second skill lock down. AGAIN FOR THE OP 6 SECOND ALL SKILL LOCK DOWN YOU NEED TERRIFYING ROAR FROM BATTLE RAGE AND THROW DAGGER FROM SHADOW PLAY.

    In summary:
    Skills for the win: leech runner -> honor nodachi, terrifying roar and throw dagger
    Skills for the getaway: teleport, mirror warp, behind enemy lines, free runner back drop and stealth.

    The getaway has every possible speed boost and mobility skill in the game at your disposal. Its insane. If you do happen to die, you can use the excuse that you are a glass cannon. You can also toss in the excuse that you are really a mage or some other class trying to make the switch and you don't have the proper gear. The gear thing is a stretch because a decent 4k DR can take down a 6k player no problem. But people should respect the fact that you are learning a new class. And if you win, there is nothing worse than being beaten by a noob DR in cloth. If that happens enough, that individual who lost to you will start to see his class is worthless against a DR. He might decide to re-roll. We might get a new convert to the Trion XL inspired cult of Darkrunner. When everyone is a DR Trion and XL might do something.

    Before patch 2.9 the DR was OP. After 2.9 the two skill trees that count really counter DR, witchcraft and defense, got the nerf. That makes the DR even stronger, when its hard counter gets weaker. Additionally we have what I consider to be a bug with boastful roar and throw dagger for a 6 second lock out. Add these factors together and we have a pivotal moment where the game really is broken in favor of the DR.

    Anyone who calls you cheap for playing a leech running, terrifying roar, throw dagger darkrunner has no right to do so. You are playing the game as it is designed. If they don't like it they can join the winning team, or just keep feeding you kills. The choice is theirs and they have no right to complain.

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    Lol you clearly are stuck in one mindset if you think DR just face rolls everything.

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    Someone is getting outplayed or doesn't play a DR counter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shrekt View Post
    Someone is getting outplayed or doesn't play a DR counter.
    There is no DR counter. Not anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delaque View Post
    Lol you clearly are stuck in one mindset if you think DR just face rolls everything.
    You don't play DR. Try it and you will never go back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RequiemForest View Post
    People there is no reason to play any other class in this game.
    I've seen countless dark runners get destroyed in a Mage Ball.
    All hail lord Anthalon, made in the image of our god Kyrios.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RequiemForest View Post
    There is no DR counter. Not anymore.
    What is Dreambreaker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voluntaris View Post
    I've seen countless dark runners get destroyed in a Mage Ball.
    What class do you play? Do not judge until you try the DR class.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GottFaust View Post
    What is Dreambreaker?
    It was once a good class, it has been nerfed into the dirt with 2.9. Defense and wicthcraft have been reduced greatly in power. It is no longer a counter to a decent DR.

    Witchcraft Nerfs:
    1. Mudhand cast time (even with passive that used to make it instant)
    2. Reduced Damage of fiend, reduced time for fiend, longer delay for fiend to be recast.

    Defense Nerfs:
    1. Redoubt seems only to stop push, can now be tripped by DR with redoubt up.
    2. Shrug it off from auromancy does not give the same bonus to revitalizing cheer, the self heal is nerfed.
    3. Toughen is a joke, it no longer generates any metal to speak of
    4. Cheer got the nerf with reduced metal in toughen, and the lesser boost from shrug

    Basically the ability for the dream breaker to heal quick got a serious nerf. Dream breaker was an OP counter to DR. Now it is pure trash.

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    All plate user with shield can win DR

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