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Thread: Decided to record some Pirating. Feedback pls

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    Decided to record some Pirating. Feedback pls

    Hello!! This is Fujitora . First let me introduce my self as Viking. I played a game called Lost Saga (kinda like super smash bros but for pc) and ended up becoming famous on it and really "good"(Ranked second best in NA at one point). I recorded lots of videos of my self playing and ended up quitting that game when Archeage was released. Here I am now deciding to continue my YouTube with Archeage content (Under same youtube).

    Anyways!!!!! I am aware that I am not the best Archeage player. I could have done many things differently. All type of feed back is appreciated. I want to know if you guys recommend the fast forwards and skips, all that good stuff. Thanks for watching <3 and again, special thanks to Koloa for helping!! Couldn't have done it without you m8.

    Link to video:

    Tl;dr : I am known as Viking from a game called Lost Saga. I want to keep making YT videos but for Archeage. I suck at this game.

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    The ending was really awkward.

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    it was ok, its alright since thats you first time =) keep it up n learn over the time to make better next time

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