As it is now, only arena that's playable is 1v1's and even those can have horrible q times.
I was waiting for an hour to get 3v3 to pop yesterday and it was during prime time.

I don't get at all why we still have the daily arena entrance limits. On top of that there's the ranking system (which isn't bad in itself) and those together with low server populations ensure that arena pvp is pretty much dead at this point.

You have two choices: make arena's cross-server or remove the daily limits and adjust the rewards (for example change honor rewards after you've done the 5 entries or something). Honestly, doing both would be best but i doubt we will get cross server.

This is from EU pov (mainly shatigon and kyprosa) and i dont know how it's on NA, but for us it's really bad. Overall activity on the servers is at an all time low and arena's would give you something to do when there's nothing else going on but now you can't even do them.