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Hello everyone!

So the team has been working on a change to Mirage Isle for Dominions for a while now, and it seems the feature has gone live earlier than anticipated. Yes, this change to Mirage Isle is intended, and Dominions can now progress there as normal. This change was made in response to player feedback, and it's one of the reasons a respawn point was added to Mirage Isle a while back. (We know some eagle eyed people caught that.)

For those involved in Dominions, please be aware that Mirage Isle is no longer a safe zone and you can (and will) be killed while there. Outside of Dominions, normal safety rules still apply, so don't fret thinking that Mirage has become a PvP zone -- it has not.

If you're not a fan of Dominions and want to stay out of guild versus guild battles, make sure that your guild is either too low level for Dominions, or invest in peace treaties to block dominions.

Otherwise, we hope you guys enjoy the change, and sorry for the sudden heads up! We'll add it to the patch notes now.
Wow you guys actually made a pro-pvp really good choice for once. I am impressed, thank you.

Now here is to hoping you changed the system in terms of peace treaties and what not so dominions actually take place once in a while.