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    Quote Originally Posted by Flandimon View Post
    Here we go, the tears are out.

    "Poor little guys, we do trade runs all day, but we wanna be in a level 3 guild"

    This change does nothing to the little guys, since it should matter if you go in Mirage or not.

    If you cant defend your packs, then you dont deserve them, if you dont want to die or get dominioned, dont be in a level 3 guild or put on a peace treaty.
    I cannot always defend my packs, but you have to accept that risk, if you're gonna solo a boat of 9 packs...you may lose them, you may make a Lotta gold.

    Accept that you might lose your stuff.

    Or run land boring packs under peace and don't be in higher lvl guild.

    Pirates and reds happen. It's part of the fun.

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    So today I saw for the first time what I expected this whole dominion in mirage to be about: People killing each other while doing the fishing event. Forget about trolls pushing people into the water, dominion is the thing to do now.
    PS: Didn't affect me. Only saw reds going for it.
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    Today's tactic for dominion seemed to be to get the attacking guild into mirage, camp the spawn in, and then kill all the afk and jump the people in the fishing tournament soon as the dominion is declared. And with them already staged in mirage nobody new can enter as the spawn is camped and you die before loading in.

    This was followed by them just bumping people out of the Nui to kill them again and farm kills.

    So if there is going to be pvp in mirage maybe set the spawn in point as protected so people get a chance to load in to fight, because anywhere else in Archeage you have multiple warp in points not to mention just walking into the zone, so camping the spawn in location is dam near impossible.

    So the way to win dominions now is just move your guild to mirage and camp the entrance and just farm the kills from anyone afk.

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