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Thread: Trion change ur RNG

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    Trion change ur RNG

    Change ur RNG
    It makes me sick to regrade whatever i like, and one fail follow to the next
    and i waste earned gold from last 6 month in 5 minutes.
    the 777 regrade fails reward ill get 6 month ago !!!
    3000+ warriormedals i waste to make a necklace and still Rank 10
    The materials to make T7 is a neverending grind or 100% P2W
    this game no longer makes fun with those
    unbalanced classes
    unbalanced serverpopulation
    unbalanced pvp events, example Eanna Mistmerrow 15 harany vs 100+ nuian, Halkyona 15 harany vs 50 Nuian, Abysal 2 harany galleon vs 6 Nuian with double ship crew.

    How many more user should get sick from those RNG regrade ?
    How many more user should quit ?

    btw. thx for new event timers far from EU community wishes where u never try to ask.

    New player never get a chance to come in range of same gear like players who stay since release !!!

    Change ur mind

    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe. [attributed to Albert Einstein]

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    Like... get used to the failures man . Part of the game, nothing wrong.

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    Yeah man! Let's give everyone divine buff and legendary weapons, cause ♥♥♥♥ everyone who worked hard to get there! /s

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