ArcheAge Version 2.9B Patch Notes -- Pre-Revelation, November Update
"I wrote this stuff." -Khrolan

New Content Additions

Pre-Revelation Regrade Event!
The final regrade event of 2016 is now here. The event is enabled once this game update is live. It will be available for the EU region after the update on 11/9 at 2am UTC (11/8 at 6pm PST) and for NA after the update on 11/9 at 8am PST.

Regrade Event Details:
  • The event will end with a weekly update on 11/16 at 2am UTC for Europe and 11/16 at 8am PST for North America.
  • Regrade success chance on weapons, armor, and accessories has been improved by 50% of base success chance per grade from Grand to Unique.
  • Regrade success chance at Celestial grade has not been improved but weapons, armor, and accessories of this grade will not be destroyed upon failure - they will only downgrade if the regrade has failed.
  • Good luck, ameno, etc.

Mistsong Conquest
Daily quests that grant bonus rewards for killing bosses in Mistsong Summit are now available. These quests will poof at midnight on 11/22 UTC.
  • The Mistsong Avenger: Easy Difficulty quest requires 1 boss to be killed on Easy Mode and rewards 1x Daru Giftbox
  • The Mistsong Avenger: Normal Difficulty quest requires 1 boss to be killed on Normal Mode and rewards 2x Daru Giftbox
  • The Mistsong Avenger: Hard Difficulty quest requires 1 boss to be killed on Hard Mode and rewards 4x Daru Giftbox
  • Daru Giftboxes randomly contain: Warrior’s Medals, Honor Tonics, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy, Superior and Fine Fire and Wave Lunarite.
  • The completion of these quests grants additional Merit Badges.
  • Characters must be level 54 or higher to participate.

Feastival Festival
The fabled cooking festival that takes place outside of Veroe in Hasla will begin on 11/23 after maintenance and run until servers come down for the Revelation Update on 12/9. Players can undertake daily objectives to earn event tokens and ultimately purchase cooking themed weapon skins. More details will be provided about this event in future update notes. WARNING: If you eat your weapons, they probably won't work anymore.

The Daily Loyalty Token amount granted to ArcheAge Patrons through the Divine Clock has been temporarily increased. Between November 9th and December 8th patrons will earn 5 tokens per day upon login and 3 tokens each additional hour for a maximum of 14 tokens at 3 hours of play (5+3+3+3=14=yay). This bonus has been granted due to Loyalty Shop items changing with the upcoming Revelation update. We remain committed to our previous promise of providing enough loyalty to purchase an item before we remove it from the shop. 600+ token items will remain on the shop for Legacy servers only and the dates on which they will be removed will be announced in 2017.

Bug Fixes
  • Some Tier 7 Obsidian Weapons will now properly show their high grade weapon glow effects.
  • Housing placement issues in Sungold Fields have been resolved.
  • The system will now prevent stacking of the Territory Work Permit buff from the same zone.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented loot rules from working correctly when the loot master is kicked from a raid or party.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Stormduster glider to become de-summoned during turbulence instead of correctly flailing around uncontrollably.
  • Minor descriptive text adjustments (Heather Dye, Guild Mission: Colonizing Auroria Quest)

31 Days until Revelation (3.0). 화이팅!