Community Centers
  • 29 new NPC structures known as Community Centers have been added to all southern continent, non-ocean zones. These buildings have a similar appearance to a Nuian Mansion and have a notable figurehead on the roof. They’ve replaced a common NPC area, an NPC inn, or similar hub in all southern zones.
  • Residents (as defined as owning a house with a teleport memory location) of a southern zone can interact with their community center on a regular basis to perform various contribution tasks. It’s possible to be a resident of multiple zones and level 30+ is required to participate in resident quests.
  • The community center levels from 1-3 based on resident contribution – the progress can be seen on the bottom-right of the zone map. Community centers automatically upgrade once a certain amount of resident tokens have been delivered.
  • Residents receive a payout every 15 days based on their overall contribution to the community center. 5% of all gold earned by zone merchants is pooled and divided among all participants. This includes gold spent through community center NPCs for community center benefits. The more contribution a resident has, the larger chunk of the 5% they’ll receive. The payout is delivered through in-game mail at the close of the cycle. The 15 day cycle doesn’t begin until the community center hits rank 3.
  • A new toggle has been added to the “Show Icons” section of the map to reveal the location of community centers.
  • Community Centers provide the following features: Mailbox, Warehouse Manager, Memory Tome, Guest Beds, Resident Board, Community Center Manager NPC, Community Center Workbench, and some contain a region-specific bonus specialization.
  • Here’s a list of the zone-specific community centers and specialty benefits:
    • Daru Vehicle Merchant: Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock, Arcum Iris, and Tigerspine Mountains. This merchant provides access to temporary advanced vehicles like cars, freighters, siege tanks, and longboards.
    • Daru Ship Merchant: Solzreed Peninsula, Lilyut Hills, Dewstone Plains, Mahadevi, Solis Headlands, and Sunbite Wilds. This merchant provides access to all classifications of ships including the enoan galleon for a very high price.
    • Improved Workbench: Marianople, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Halcyona, Falcorth Plains, Rookborne Mountains, and Windscour Savannah. Used in the completion of Famed recipes, and other 3.0 related crafting including anchoring emblems.
    • Zone-specific Farming and Gathering: Gweonid Forest grants access to pineapples, Karkasse Ridgelands grants access to pansies, Ahnimar grants access to impatiens, Villanelle grants access to hibiscus saplings, Silent Forest grants access to amaranth, and Rokhala Mountains grants access to watermelons.
    • Antiquities Dealer: Two Crowns, White Arden, Hasla, and Perinoor Ruins. Allows the crafting of specialty tradepacks for an inexpensive gold price.
    • Arrow of Judgment and Premium Goods Merchant: Cinderstone Moore and Ynystere. Dumpsters an opposing community center. Allows the purchase of a Judge’s Longing buff for 30g which grants either +600 resilience or +300 focus for 10 minutes.
  • Community centers automatically down rank themselves after 15 days and must be rebuilt by their residents.

Family System
  • The existing family system has been completely overhauled to add and change the following features:
  • Maximum family size has been increased from 10 to 12.
  • The family system still allows cross-faction family members.
  • The founding member of the family becomes the head of household.
  • Additional family members can be assigned different titles and roles.

Additional Family notes:
  • The family certificate has been added to a general merchant for the low cost of 1 gold, and is required when founding a family or adding/removing a member.
  • The family default UI shortcut is Shift+F.
  • The name of a family can now be changed through use of a family rename ticket. Family names have the same restrictions as guild and nation names.

Guild System
  • A Nation Immigration Ticket has been added to the guild shop for purchase. It costs 2000 prestige points and can be used by a guild leader to migrate their existing guild to a nation. Prior to this ticket, a guild was required to disband, forfeit all progression, and reform a new guild after its members individually joined a nation. When a guild joins a nation, all members are immediately faction-swapped.
  • Guilds may now choose to be from the Andelph (Dwarf) or Repentant Shadows (Warborn) faction at the time of creation.

Hero System
The rewards for achieving Hero Status have been changed. The statue is no longer worth a set amount of gold and instead bonus rewards are granted:
  • Erenor Hero Rank: 10000 gold removed; replaced with temporary 30 day hero ring version 1 (similar function as cloak) containing PvP stats similar to the ArcheAge Tournament Rings. They also receive 20000 honor points and 100 warrior medals.
  • Ayanad Hero Rank: 5000 gold reward removed; replaced with temporary 30 day hero ring version 2 (similar function as cloak) containing PvP stats similar to the ArcheAge Tournament Runner-Up Rings. They also receive 15000 honor points and 75 warrior medals.
  • Delphinad Hero Rank: 2000 gold reward removed; replaced with 10000 honor points and 50 warrior medals.
  • These changes occurred due to the large, continuous amounts of gold entering the world through the hero system and are a part of the 3.0 initiative to repurpose how bulk gold is acquired.
  • The Vivid Earth Lunascale: Mastery has been correctly added as a reward from the Mythic monthly hero crate. It was inadvertently removed in an early 3.0 build.

Nation System
  • New quests have been added explain how territories should be grown and developed.
  • Some territory mechanics have been adjusted:
    • The number of available territory tradepacks at a territory market merchant has been reduced from 60 to 30. This number may appear negative until stabilized after the update.
  • The reward for bringing a territory pack to a territory silo has been increased:
    • Same territory: 22 before, 100 after
    • Different territory: 44 before, 150 after
  • The maximum number of packs a territory silo can hold before it’s considered to be full has been decreased from 60 to 30. This number may appear negative until stabilized after the update.
  • Territory silos no longer provide an option to be protected.
    • Once the silo is fully filled the 2 hour pillage timer begins.
    • Full territory silos require 48 hours to fully convert goods after being filled.
    • The number of lord coins received from successfully protecting and converting a full silo has been reduced from 46 to 25 (mostly due to the number of required resources being reduced).
    • Territory silos that are currently being converted at the release of the 3.0 update will be required to finish their conversion prior to the new version. They will also yield the smaller amount of lord coins after the update.
    • If a territory silo is pillaged and the goods are not returned it will be disabled for 72 to 96 hours.
    • Territory tradepacks now last for 6 days like any other trade pack instead of 30 minutes.
  • The refuge buff provided by having a walled Auroran Castle IS NOW DEPENDENT on having a set number of established farms. Please prepare accordingly as your refuge buff may be diminished if the conditions are not met.
    • Refuge Rank 1 now requires 0 gatehouses, 36 walls and towers, and 6 max rank farms.
    • Refuge Rank 2 now requires 0 gatehouses, 51 walls and towers, and 12 max rank farms.
    • Refuge Rank 3 now requires 0 gatehouses, 65 walls and towers, and 16 max rank farms.
    • Refuge Rank 4 now requires 0 gatehouses, 78 walls and towers, and 18 max rank farms.
    • Refuge Rank 5 now requires 0 gatehouses, 90 walls and towers, and 20 max rank farms.
  • Members of a player nation whose sovereign has a fully mature Wyvern may now begin growing smaller versions of the Wyvern for nation members. These smaller Wyverns are grown 6 at a time and require similar materials to their parent wyvern.
  • The growth time for a Wyvern to fully mature has been reduced from 29 to 15 days at a minimum.
  • The material components required to craft Bloodysky Essence at the Sovereign’s Vault has been adjusted. It now uses Rising Star Stone instead of Lightning Essence. The amount crafted has been reduced from 1000 to 100.
  • The minimum number of guild members required to declare a siege has been reduced from 60 to 50.

Jury and Trial
  • The standard sentence for pirates has been reduced to 30 minutes instead of 40 minutes.
  • The number of crime points obtained vs. the degree of the sentence ratio has been increased.
  • The amount of jail time a jury can deliver has been increased from: Innocent, 20%, 50%, 80%, 100%, and 130% to innocent, 50%, 80%, 100%, 130%, and 150%.

Achievements and Dailies
  • The daily merit quest no longer provides an empty labor potion flask.
  • 1 Blue Salt Hammer replaces the requirement of 1 Shatigon’s Blessing to unlock a merit quest for the first time.
  • Consumable items like potions, food, and spellbooks awarded through leveling achievements have been converted to the new variety versions.
  • The Day 1 Supply Chest can no longer be obtained by new characters.
  • The temporary Merit Badge Adventurer’s Clipper is granted at 30000 Fishing Skill instead of 50 Fishing Skill.
  • The temporary Merit Merchant’s Schooner granted by the completion of the Lusca Awakening Event has been replaced with a merit badge. Temporary Merchant Ships have been disabled.
  • The temporary Merit Badge Farm Hauler granted by completing 5 Grimghast Rifts has been reduced from 6 to 2 slots.
  • The bamboo fishing rod reward obtained for acquiring a rowboat has been changed to a bamboo stalk.
  • 162 total new achievements have been added:
    • 2 Achievements related to completing the Dwarf and Warborn Racial Quests.
    • 2 Achievements related to a Dwarf or Warborn obtaining Juggernaut or Ravager form.
    • 16 Achievements related to obtaining, raising, and collecting Airain Boars and Scale Pangolin racial mounts.
    • 16 Achievements related to obtaining, raising, and collecting Mini-Miner and Hedgehog racial companions.
    • 10 Achievements related to completing all abyssal quests for a skill tree.
    • 1 Mastery Achievement for completing all 10 abyssal quests for all skill trees.
    • 64 Achievements related to kills, victories, and defeats in all various types.
    • 4 Achievements related to obtaining the Dwarf and Warborn Nymph Companions.
    • 6 Achievements related to tradepack crafting in Karkasse Ridgelands, Airain Rock, Aubre Cradle, Ahnimar, Sunbite Wilds, and Rokhala Mountains.
    • 16 Achievements related to labor potion consumption (subject to removal).
    • 24 Achievements related to opening Prince/Queen Supply Chests and Pouches.
    • 1 Achievement related to stat migration.

  • The taxation rate on land ownership has been increased for characters that own a large amount of property. The rate continues to scale based on the number of properties owned.
    • Characters who own 1-2 building will be charged the base amount of tax per structure for a 0% increase.
    • Characters who own 3 buildings will now be charged 100% tax instead of 50%.
    • Characters who own 4 buildings will now be charged 150% tax instead of 100%.
    • Characters who own 5 buildings will now be charged 200% tax instead of 150%.
    • Characters who own 6 buildings will now be charged 250% tax instead of 200%.
    • Characters who own 7 buildings will now be charged 400% tax instead of 250%.
    • Characters who own 8-10 buildings will now be charged 500% tax instead of 300%, 350%, and 400% respectively.
  • The temporary scarecrow farm zones have been converted into public farms.

The rewards for achieving a high rank on the arena leaderboards have been improved. Temporary 30-day, PvP stat rings and earrings will now be included in addition to the honor point rewards. These rings are similar to the new Hero System rings and follow the model of the PvP Tournament Championship rings. Arena Rings are earned from top ranking placement in the Gladiator or Sparring Arenas and Arena Earrings from the Skirmish and Free-For-All Arenas. These rewards are granted per-region:
  • Akrite’s Fistbump Ring – 120 Toughness, 24 Stamina, and 2.1% Healing/Skill Damage
  • Akrite’s Elite Fistbump Ring – 160 Toughness, 27 Stamina, and 2.3% Healing/Skill Damage
  • Akrite’s Ultimate Fistbump Ring – 200 Toughness, 29 Stamina, and 2.5% Healing/Skill Damage
  • Akrite’s Fistbump – 160 Resilience, 24 Stamina, and 2.6% Crit and Crit Heal Rates
  • Akrite’s Elite Fistbump Earring – 200 Resilience, 27 Stamina, and 2.9% Crit and Crit Heal Rates
  • Akrite’s Ultimate Fistbump Earring – 250 Resilience, 29 Stamina, and 3.2% Crit and Crit Heal Rates
*Required Level 50, 30-day time limited, bound, cannot be enhanced or sold, and cannot be worn in conjunction with Hero or PvP Tournament Rings.
  • The Fighter’s Desire skill used in Skirmish and Sparing arenas has been adjusted: 1) the cooldown time has been increased to 20 minutes, from 5 minutes; 2) it doesn’t reset after each round; 3) additional benefit: use of the skill makes the character immune to CC effects for 1 second.
  • The buff templates applied in the Skirmish and Sparing Arenas to simulate gear have been adjusted:
    • War Mage: Stamina increased to 630 from 470, intelligence increased to 866 from 704, base melee attack power increased to 584 from 525, base ranged attack power increased to 473 from 425, and base magic attack power increased to 666 from 600.
    • Ranged Rogue: Agility increased to 1303 from 1101, physical defense decreased from 4539 to 4496, base melee attack power increased to 556 from 500, and base ranged attack power increased to 473 from 425.
    • Offensive Fighter: Strength increased to 1264 from 1101, physical defense decreased from 5435 to 5377, base melee attack power increased to 667 from 600, and base ranged attack power increased to 473 from 425.
    • Defensive Fighter: Stamina increased to 891 from 704, strength increased to 647 from 470, physical defense decreased from 6901 to 6700, base melee attack power increased to 556 from 500, and base ranged attack power increased to 473 from 425.
    • Melee Rogue: Stamina increased to 630 from 470, strength increased to 888 from 704, base melee attack power increased to 556 from 500, and base ranged attack power increased to 573 from 425.
    • War Priest: Stamina increased to 630 from 470, spirit increased to 866 from 704, base melee attack power increased to 584 from 525, base ranged attack power increased to 473 from 425, and base healing power increased to 666 from 600.
    • Shield Mage: Stamina increased to 891 from 704, intelligence increased to 647 from 470, physical defense decreased to 2447 from 2490, base melee attack power increased to 501 from 450, base ranged attack power increased to 473 from 425, and base magic attack power increased to 583 from 525.
    • Shield Priest: Stamina increased to 891 from 704, spirit increased to 647 from 470, physical defense decreased from 2490 to 2447, base melee attack power increased to 501 from 450, base ranged attack power increased to 473 from 425, and base healing power increased to 583 from 525.
  • Note that attack power values may vary from what appears on the character sheet when the buff is applied to due calculating bonuses from linked attributes, skills, armor types, and abilities. The numbers presented in this update note are a representation of the base values modified.
  • All arena types should be accessible at Arena Managers in addition to the Patron Benefit on the user interface.
  • Bloodlust flagging has been adjusted to prevent supporting a bloodlusted target unless the supporting character is also in bloodlust mode.
  • Prison times have been reduced for pirates. Other jail times have been increased across the board.
  • Damage reduction based on physical and magic defense has been reduced.
  • Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink and Gray Goblets of Honor purchased from the honor shop have been combined into a single item called Dawn of Glory. The desired stat bonus is selected at the time the potion is consumed.

Halcyona: Battle of the Golden Plains
  • The golem AI during the battle for the golden plains in Halcyona has been adjusted. It’s jumping time.
  • NPC Base cannons have had their range reduced by 20% but the speed of the cannon ball projectile has been increased by 33%. The ranged damage portion of their total damage has also been reduced. The siege damage component remains unaffected.
  • The range required to interact with a Nuian or Haranyan Halcyona Artifact (the thing that grants warrior medals after the battle has been won) has been increased to provide better usage.
  • Golden Plains Battle Quests are now correctly grouped in the quest log.
  • The Battle for Golden Plains quest now reward 1 warrior’s medal instead of 2 and no longer provides leadership as a reward.
  • The A Harsh Lesson quest no provides 10 leadership as a reward.

The type of loot that killable creatures drop has been adjusted:
  • Most creatures now drop a small amount of coin with each kill
  • Three new types of unsealable containers have been added to replace coinpurses:
  • New Tiered Coinpurses – only contain coin and require labor to open
  • New Tiered Crates – only contain resource materials like lunarite, archeum, and mysterious garden powder
  • 2 Tiers of Metallic Boxes – contain higher drop amounts of resource materials along with regrade braziers, non-rumbling archeum saplings, and have a very small chance to produce a jackpot
  • Metallic Boxes are sealed and can only be opened with a Copper or Silver Key, crafted with copper or silver ingots and the Exploration proficiency at a Handicraft Kiln.
  • Librarian, Scholar, and Dean’s Research Bundles have had their drop tables expanded to include “Crate” type loot.
    Metallic Boxes do not drop in the Ayanad Library.
  • Existing coinpurses from the 2.9b Ascension version and earlier are converted to the new coin-only version
    • This change was made to provide players the ability to choose whether they wanted materials or coin, without having to indiscriminately open coin purses in hopes of obtaining resource materials.
  • Sealed weapon, armor, and accessory items dropped by creatures (usually prefixed by the term ‘unidentified’) can no longer result in a Basic grade item once unsealed. Grand is now the new minimum. The main purpose for the minimum grade upgrade is to ensure that items acquired in this method can always be converted to pieces of archeum through use of an evenstone.
    Sealed unidentified items that drop in the Ayanad Library now increase Larceny Skill when opened.
    Unidentified Divine Garden and Lost Garden loot items can now be stacked.

The world drop locations of obsidian crafting materials has changed:
  • Diamond Shores – Malevolent Obsidian
  • Sungold Fields – Haunted Obsidian
  • Exeloch – Tainted Jewel and Ritual Aquamarine
  • Ayanad Library F1 – Sulfur Crystal, Mercury Solution, Brine Flakes, and Dense Lead
  • Ayanad Library F2 – Renaia’s Research Journal, Herzan’s Research, Inakos’s Grimoire, and Ruthart’s Doodles
  • Ayanad Library F3 – Weathered Beryl, Philosopher’s Stone Fragment, Pygmy Skull, and Ouroboros Statue
  • Coin and Loot gains now receive bonus adjustments based on the conflict status of a zone – decreased during peace, and increased during war.

Greater Dungeon Weapons and Armor have been improved:
  • Greater Dungeon Armor now drops at a minimum of Arcane grade and can be improved at the Distorted Dimension Workbench.
  • Advanced Greater Dungeon Weapons can now be converted into basic Mistsong Summit weapons at the Distorted Dimension Workbench through a new item called Aria’s Autograph.
  • When Aria’s Autograph is uncloaked, the character can select a bound basic version of any Mistsong Summit weapon.
  • Greater Dungeon and Mistsong Weapons may now include an effect called “Dimensional Destroyer” – this buff provides a PVE damage boost when inside a greater dungeon or mistsong summit.
  • A new 4 piece armor bonus has been added to the Greater Howling Abyss and Greater Kroloal Crater armor sets. This bonus provides 7.0% reduced PVE damage.
  • The portfolio of Mistsong Weapons has been improved to include a bow other than the flamespite bow, and a mace. The effectiveness of the Mistsong Dagger has been increased from tiers 2-4.

Soulforged Weapons and Armor have been adjusted:
  • Items are now crafted at the Arcane grade instead of the Heroic grade (this only affects newly created items).
  • Some existing item names have been adjusted.

Delphinad Ghost Ships
  • The spawn locations and loot drop tables for Delphinad Ghost Ships has been adjusted:
    • The coastal Exeloch DGS spawn has been removed from the game.
    • The south-western coastal DGS Auroria spawn point and the northern Ynystere DGS spawn point remain; however both ships spawn simultaneously when the server restarts.
    • A slain DGS now respawns on an independent 24 hour timer, instead of a 12 hour timer.
    • Both DGS spawns now produce a system-wide message when they appear.
    • The gold value of a Delphinad Ghost Ship Stone Slab (DGS Tradepack) has been reduced by 25% to 75g (97.5 gold at 130% value).
    • A quest reward for completing ‘Ghost Ships of Delphinad’ has received 200 bonus honor points in addition to the existing 3 Gilda Stars.
    • These changes occurred due to the large, continuous amounts of gold entering the world through DGS drops and are a part of the 3.0 initiative to repurpose how bulk gold is acquired.
  • NPCs that provide crimson rift related quests have been relocated to a Crimson Watch camp in Sungold Fields.
  • Fisherman Riko and Fisherman Santiago have been appropriately relocated to a new area by the Holy Erenor Fishing Conglomerate.
  • NPCs like Aunorin Fangbow, Head Librarian Tinnereph, and the Great Generals in Diamond Shores no longer benefit from up to -500% attack speed. The hard cap has been adjusted so -300% is the maximum attack speed reduction an NPC can have.
  • Some events that are a part of the standard daily event schedule have had their times slightly adjusted.