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While we are getting the feedback we are receiving and passing it to the ArcheAge development team, the events described in the official Winter Maiden post are the components that will be available for this year. Sadly, that does not include the present smashing event.

Additionally, the cupcakes were accidentally added into the game by the development team as a bug. They were not intended to be added to the list for 2015 in a "stealth" manner.
Okay thats great but I would like additional information:

Why was the candy crush event not added?

So far I cannot fathom any reason for this, it was one of my favorite events I look forward to all year (and my only source of vocation hastener scrolls). And please dont say FS, you could easily run different events on FS and Legacy and if you cannot then you need to figure out how.....

I understand adding events to 2015 was an accident though you didnt state how or when that would be fixed. Please elaborate.