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    Payment question via Paypal!

    Hello guys!!!

    I have a question about paying with paypal..
    I had a problem with my paypal account not fitting to my glyph account because of different regions.
    Somehow i figured it out but i forgot how to fix that issue. now a guild member suffers the same problem and i cant help him at all

    Does anyone know how to change the region for the account?

    He allready told me that his paypal account has the correct region so i think the problem depends on glyph.

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    Hey there! If you have your guild member submit a support ticket, our CS team may be able to help!

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    Hello, I already have a ticket open but that is over 18 hours is not edited

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    We're sorry to hear that. There are currently a large number of tickets in queue, and we're working to get to each one as soon as we possibly can. We greatly appreciate your patience.

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