Hello everyone

I know you may have heard this alot either from people who got banned for no reasons or maybe from people who deserved a ban. My accounts (2 accounts) got banned yesterday at the same time to is apparently something related to my ip. So I sent a ticket (no: 813962) to trion asking them about the reason of my ban. A gentleman replied by saying they found an activity of a 3rd party program. I sent him a really long paragraph which briefly includes that i have many programs on my pc which includes a 3rd party program, but i swear to god the program has never been on while playing archeage, i am not that stupid to work with a violation program on my main account and on my original ip! So I asked the gentleman to recheck my log file and to if there are any benefits I received from any 3rd party app, and if he found any then I deserve the ban. Then I got a reply from trion which was actually a template that i saw on many other threads on the forum which says stuff related to ("TRION MAY SUSPEND, MODIFY, TERMINATE OR DELETE ANY ACCOUNT AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON OR FOR NO REASON, WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE TO YOU). And clearly they didn't even bother to read the content of my email. It doesn't make sense and not fair to get banned for existing apps on your computer whether they are harmful or not as long as you don't use it in the game. Trion can't imagine the time spent (along with money) on this game. I will never stop wanting my account back because I know I didn't harm or hack the game by any means. I really want to talk to a higher GM about my problem, but unfortunately there is no live chat or even a phone number i contact.

Thanks and sorry for the long post