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Thread: "Agains all Odds" buff for underdog

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    "Agains all Odds" buff for underdog

    Hello everyone,

    I dont post a lot on the forum, but i do read them, it late im tired and also my english is not very good, im one of those damn french canadian so bare with me

    I play on Nazaar east faction, server atm is pretty crappy and not really fun to play atm, West dominate and outnumber us and out gear east by a lot.

    Most of the time when i go to MM or Halcy we barely have 1 or 2 group, while red have way more players, and now even our CR and GR get contested by red (west) zerg on a daily basis. The problem that is generated by this behavior is that less and less player from East want to do those event to get honnor while west rack up honnor day after day, wich mean they can spend more honnor to put lunagems and other goodies on there gear increasing even more the gear gap between East and West. Well you get the idea i dont want to make a novel out of the situations.

    Sooooo.... i was thinking about how could we fix this situations, the idea come from the game warhammer online i used to play few years ago, at one point they added a buff for the underdog faction that was call "Agains all odds" that buff was given to the faction with less player in a pvp zone or event it would go up to 400%. meaning that even if you were outnumber 10 to 1 and only get a few kill you would get a decent amount of lets call it "honnor" cause i dont remember the term that was use in that game. That would help the underdog faction to close the gap in term of gear (lunagem) people would be more up for the challenge cause they know that at the end of the day even with a few kill you could make some decent honnor.

    Anyways this post/suggestion is already ways longer then what i expected to post so im going to stop it here.



    p.s. i think the currency in warhammer online was call "renown" but i could be wrong.

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    Even having something like increased respawn timer for the more numerous side would help.

    It would probably lead to both sides trying to bring red alts to tip the numbers balance though.

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    Any mechanic like this would be abused. For example, take a look at Halcy golems. I think this wouldn't help much in the grand scheme. As far as honor goes, and the widening of the honor gap, I think people who queue arenas against their alts, or have their alts do cr/gr, are a far bigger problem than this.

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    It's good to see that people think about possible solutions, though.

    If no thinking happens, no solutions will ever be found. In that light, this thread is a really good thing.

    The problem is the same as with Mistmerrow. Our own server's overlord Yateo would probably just spam east alts until he has the buff for himself. >.>
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    I've yet to see a game where this idea has actually worked as intended, and I've played quite a few games who tried.

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    I would just like to be able to get the rewards for things like OC should spawn in peace only. Currently it allows the strong to get stronger and the less populated side does not get gear.

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    I agree less populated side should get the loot as well. Would encourage more paticipation currently many wont show up because they will be farmed by reds.

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