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Thread: ArcheAge in 360

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    ArcheAge in 360

    A long time ago I found a website created by a Korean player:

    He/she uploaded there 13 photos in 360. Some of them could be stitched a bit better... But I really liked that idea anyway. Sadly I couldn't find any other of them in Internet except this video from Mistsong made by XLGames (they are able to do that, players don't). Time has passed, I took a break, came back, quited and started to login just to make artistry. You can see a few videos. I was still thinking about making 360 photos just to learn how does that works until two weeks ago I decided to just give it a try. And here it is, my small project of 26 photos in 360 made by more or less allowed in-game tools.

    I made that as my legacy in ArcheAge for future players. Maybe somebody will find this topic and will get interested? Maybe somebody will do that better? I hope so. It's not hard, just very time consuming on beginning.

    Video "ArcheAge in 360"

    My Kuula.co profile (you can see all of my 360 photos there, it's easier to see because of preview):

    List of locations and links to photos:
    1. "Padmarashkascave" in East Calmlands, Auroria, Kyprosa server. - https://kuula.co/post/7l57Z
    2. "Esya Deno Volcano" in Auroria, between Marcala, Calmlands, Heedmar and Nuimari. - https://kuula.co/post/7l50v
    3. "Queen's Chamber" aka "Orchidna's Throne" - https://kuula.co/post/7l5GJ
    4. "Heart of Ayanad" end-game instance in Ayanad Library - https://kuula.co/post/7l5fW
    5. "Theater" in Marianople - https://kuula.co/post/7l5lc
    6. "Yorland Theater" in Austera - https://kuula.co/post/7l5Yz
    7. "Opera House" in Caenord - https://kuula.co/post/7l5Yt
    8. Mirage Isle - https://kuula.co/post/7l5Jn
    9. Mermaid's Tears in Sanddeep - https://kuula.co/post/7l5Jw
    10. Arcadian Sea, somewhere on North of Caenord in Ynystere. - https://kuula.co/post/7l5ZB
    11. Eznan Harbor in Ezna, Two Crowns - https://kuula.co/post/7l5bm
    12. "Eanna Prim Land", Hasla - https://kuula.co/post/7l5bv
    13. Dragonribs in Karkasse Ridgelands - https://kuula.co/post/7l51t
    14. Ice Grail near Dwarf capital city Andelph in Airin Rock - https://kuula.co/post/7l512
    15. Gweonid Lake during festival in Gweonid Forest - https://kuula.co/post/7l5DQ
    16. Gweonid Lake during festival - TIMED QUEST in Gweonid Forest - https://kuula.co/post/7l5Hf
    17. Hoverbloom flowers pond in Ahnimar - https://kuula.co/post/7l5nJ
    18. Waterfalls in North part of Ahnimar - https://kuula.co/post/7l5ng
    19. Peony farm in Hasla - https://kuula.co/post/7l56P
    20. Shrine to Nui, Ynys Isle - https://kuula.co/post/7l56J
    21. Mistmerrow - https://kuula.co/post/7l581
    22. Pirate Hall on Growlgate Isle - https://kuula.co/post/7l58M
    23. Morpheus ship on Growlgate Isle - https://kuula.co/post/7l58T
    24. Growlgate tower on Growlgate Isle - https://kuula.co/post/7l58n
    25. Ezna Massacre in prologue of Warborn race - https://kuula.co/post/7l58s
    26. "West Housing Province" in Diamond Shores - https://kuula.co/post/7l5gb

    If you like my idea of 360 photos in ArcheAge, you might also like my other topic of my own "Mistmerrow Forest":

    Also as I decided to quit and remove everything what I had, including all characters, I'll also post links to couple of my special galleries:
    Probe Raiv-4 (Nuia/Haranya/Reedwind) by JXRaiv
    Probe Raiv-5 (Auroria) by JXRaiv
    Probe Raiv-6 (Sylvina Volcanic Region) by JXRaiv
    Probe Raiv-7 (Ayanad Library Intersections) by JXRaiv
    Probe Raiv-8 (Heart of Ayanad) by JXRaiv

    Some people write long posts about quiting. I'll just leave what you can see in this topic and thank to kind people of Eanna server - especially Moly for showing me couple of places and keeping me company in-game in past few days while I was taking last photos.

    So whoever you are, as you get to this point - I wish you all best. Have fun in ArcheAge. o/


    OP shares his 360 photos of ArcheAge. OP shares HAAAAAAAAXed galleries of places where no Korean has ever been. OP quits and deletes everything. OP wants you to send your dog/cat photos.
    "Nobody is perfectly good but I am perfectly evil."

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    this is pretty cool man. thank you

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    Thank you for sharing all those with us, it is an outstanding work !

    It was my pleasure to meet you even on the end of your ArcheAge journey
    I hope you'll have fun wherever you are going and whatever you're doing

    Moly Prim
    Member of Prim Clan
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    Thank you for this, it's very interesting content and subject matter. The 3D views are quite clean too, as far as I can see. A shame to see you are quitting, but I can understand that sentiment.

    Here's a pic for luck on your future ventures.

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