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Thread: Return stats to Lord's costumes and Sovereign's robes

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    Return stats to Lord's costumes and Sovereign's robes

    Since we now have stat costumes for a while, isn't it time to restore these items to their original states? They are some of the most iconic and best costumes in the game, would be nice if they were in our version.

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    The only problem with this theroy is that the people who have a costume have put thousands of gold into them. To just give away costumes with stats would be seen as unfair and unbalanced

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    I actually agree with the return of stats to costumes like the Lords costumes for owning castles and the sovereign Robes. You can not image item these on to your current stat costume and honestly you work hard to get those bastards (leading guilds and sieges aren't easy man, plus there's the whole cost of the Sovereign robs). I'm sure there is away to balance them out with the other costumes while still making it worth to actually wear them.

    I actually held off on image iteming my dragon costume in hopes maybe they'll get their stats returned but the likely hood is nil.
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