ArcheAge Version 3.5 Patch Notes – The July 2017 Update

The following release notes contain information about our latest monthly update, the July 2017 Update!

Be a Happy Family...
“We worked hard and we worked together. What more can you ask for?”

Work together with your family and complete family quests for a vocation bonus! Visit the Masked Daru in Marianople, Austera, or Diamond Shores to get started with a variety of daily quests, including one that encourages you to join a family for a new title!

After accepting the Masked Daru's quests, complete quests from the All in the Family quest list to earn extra Vocation Badges each day.

This limited time event will be available during the following days:

North America: July 5 - July 19, starting and ending at 11 PM PDT.
Europe: July 6 - July 20, starting and ending at 1 AM UTC.

Rum Runner Rapids Returns!
“Okay, this sounds insane, but trust me, IT'S GREAT. NOW GET IN THIS BARREL!”

Everyone's favorite event, Rum Runner Rapids, is back! Visit the annual site of the festival in Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah and be ready to take that barrel over the falls! Can you master all of the courses provided?

Complete the festival related quests to earn Festival Coins for some great rewards, including:
  • Merchant's Costume: Basic -- 50 Coins
  • Bound Barrel Splash Swimtop -- 8 Coins
  • Bound Barrel Splash Swimbottoms -- 8 Coins
  • Bound Sunrise Swimtop -- 8 Coins
  • Bound Sunrise Swimbottoms -- 8 Coins
  • Bound Midnight Swimtop -- 8 Coins
  • Bound Midnight Swimbottoms -- 8 Coins
  • Bound Watermelon Swimwear -- 30 Coins
  • Bound Watermelon Umbrella -- 10 Coins
  • Bound Summer Breeze Lounger -- 10 Coins
  • Bound Watermelon Decor -- 5 Coins
  • Decorative Windcreek Lute -- 10 Coins
  • Morpheus's Treasure Chest -- 10 Coins
  • Bound Vaughn's Potent Stout -- 1 Coin
  • Bound Vaughn's Soothing Tonic -- 1 Coin
  • Bound Vaughn's Energizing Spirits -- 1 Coin
  • Bound Hangover Cure -- 3 Coins
  • 50-Slot Pirate Plushie Trove -- 40 Coins

This year's event also features Achievements for extra Festival Coins! Please note that if you've been a participant in the prior years of Rum Runner Rapids, some of these Achievements may be automatically completed based on your past progress. Lucky you!

This limited time event will be available during the following days:

North America: July 18 - August 1, starting and ending at 11 PM PDT.
Europe: July 19 - August 2, starting and ending at 1 AM UTC.

General Changes
  • The Chrome Steamfish Submarine can now fire torpedoes!
  • We adjusted the tooltip on the Star Wings item.
  • Plazas are now categorized as public buildings.
  • Added the buff duration to the Underwater Breathing Device tooltip.
  • Increased the drop rate of Royal Seeds from single plant harvesting.
  • Rare vegetation (Royal Seeds, Scented Leaves, Heavy Hardwood) can now be purchased from the Vocation Shop. Their prices are, in order, 800 badges, 800 badges, 1000 badges.
  • Birch Treehouses can now be disassembled with an Evenstone. They will yield 50 Enchanted Blueprints.
  • The following regrade charms have been updated to work with Pet and Ship Accessories: White Regrade Charm, Bound Superior White Regrade Charm, Bound Green Regrade Charm, Blue Regrade Charm, Bound Silver Regrade Charm.
  • Changed the following tradepacks to more appropriate names: Lilyut Barley Moonshine, Rookborne Corn Hash, Mahadevi Root Herbs, White Arden Figgy Pudding and Falcorth Fertilizer

Bug Fixes
  • The Seal Guardians on Aegis Island are no longer hostile to Player Nations. (They'll play nicely now!)
  • Added an extra layer of protection to prevent further loss of Ancestral Levels.
  • Automatic Cannons will no longer shoot at the adorableness that is the Violet Bloomfang.
  • Violet Bloomfang will finally stop exploiting and blaming it on you. (You should no longer receive the "Suspicious Activity" while that little critter is summoned. If you do, let us know.)
  • You can no longer Teleport through the walls of the towers in Reedwind.
  • Sprayed A LOT of WD-40 on the hood of the Seaskimmer Speedboat. It's not stuck closed anymore, but we sprayed, like, 20 cans on that thing.
  • The black Careless Whisper Raiment costume will no longer have stunningly white pants. They are now black... like my soul.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the camera movement to shake oddly while mounted.
  • Fixed an issue where male specific armors could not be equipped while wearing a Lullaby Pajama Top.
  • Players can no longer use the Underwater Breathing Device while wearing a tradepack.
  • Leviathan can no longer be tripped by the Enoan Galleon... again.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause camera movements to become stuck.
  • Addressed a bug that could cause players to stop animating while they were inside a Rum Runner Rapids barrel.
  • Fixed an issue where Magithropters could not be stored in the Joyride Vault.
  • We updated the tooltip on Rider's Escape.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented the Abyssal Petrification skill from removing a few debuffs it was intended to remove.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "Preparing Glider" debuff to be applied twice.
  • Removed the workbenches and post box from their odd positions in Solis Headlands.
  • The Community Notice Board in Solis Headlands will no longer defy the physics of space and time.
  • Corrected a typo on the Combat Boost Scroll.
  • Addressed typos on the Red Dragon Eyesplitter.
  • Passengers on a boar mount will no longer be placed... wait... how did they... that can't be righ... inside their intestines? Ewwwww.....
  • Warborn will no longer be able to sneak through the Nuian Abyssal Attack or Battle of the Golden Plains Worldgate. The guards have their eyes on you... sneaky demons...
  • Fixed a bug where monsters wouldn't vanish after a Containment Tower was destroyed.
  • Added an additional skill bar checkbox in the option menu.
  • Streetlights have updated tooltips.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented players from using an Evenstone on Scarecrow Garden items.
  • Players can no longer select blank Ancestral Skill slots.
  • Adjusted the tooltip on the Bloomfang Helm.
  • Adjusted the way long quest names are handled on the UI so they don't overlap with the name of the next quest on the list.
  • Fixed a bug that could stop dungeon progression after players killed Karim the Undying.
  • Fixed an issue where the trip of Ollo's Hammer was prevented if a player had Violet Bloomfang summoned.
  • Players can no longer escape Earthen Grip by using Shadowsmite: Lightning.
  • Shadowsmite: Lightning now has the right skill icon.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate names in the family member list.
  • Improved the rope walking portion of the quest, "A Cure for Pox."
  • Fixed an issue that caused UCC images on the Customized Wall Decor to tilt.
  • Adjusted the item synthesis UI so text is properly shown.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented players from participating in community activities if they only owned a Plaza.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the texture on Obsidian Skirts from showing up.
  • Changed the "Magic Touch" quest so Labor is no longer consumed.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause skills to be cancelled if you used them immediately after moving.
  • Re-enlarged the UI area that displays family quest text.
  • Adjusted Ancestral Skills UI for readability.
  • Addressed a potential crash when using the Arena.