General Update Notes
  • The global cooldown of Endless Arrows has been adjusted from .20 seconds to .15 seconds.
  • The Violet Bloomfang's skill can now be set to automatic use.
  • You may notice a new Golden Token item available in the Marketplace's award tab. You'll see what it does and how to get it later this week!
  • In order to provide everyone some bonus loyalty tokens, the Loyalty Token event has been extended to June 6. Starting May 17, the Divine Clock will pay out with 3 loyalty tokens per click!
  • We've adjusted the tool tips of the Thunderwing Titan and Ravenspine Wings.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the item stack number to display incorrectly in the UI.

Future Events

The June Login Tracker -- Starting on June 1, look forward to days filled with Bound Healing Grimoires, Warrior's Medals, Merit Badges, Gilda Stars, and boxes of supplies! Plus, if you're missing a coin from your commemorative coin collection, or want to start putting together your own Library Expedition (of coins) you can purchase them from the Login Badge exchanger!

Behold the Magic Lamp -- May 17 to June 7 (UTC) -- The Masked Daru seems to have found some ancient artifacts from long ago. What could be within these beautiful lamps? Treasure? Power? Or something far worse...

Visit the Masked Daru in Austera, Marianople, and Diamond Shores to retrieve these special lamps for your private land or for use in Mirage Isle. Perform daily quests with all of the characters on your account to retrieve special magical items to offer to the lamps and receive a temporary buff. Upgrade a lamp 7 times with the same type of item to receive a final reward befitting to your actions. Will you steal from the monsters of dungeons? Spill blood across Erenor's battlefields? Or fall into the abyss of Serpentis?

Final rewards will only be granted to the character that owns the land the lamp is placed on, but all characters on your account can help complete the daily quests to increase lamp progress.

You'll be able to find these lamps in a special limited tab of the ArcheAge Marketplace. Make sure to buy it on the character you want the rewards on!

Double Coinpurse Drops -- May 17 to May 24 (Maintenance) -- Starting with maintenance on May 17, enjoy a unique 2 for 1 special! Whenever you gain a Librarian's Coinpurse, Scholar's Coinpurse, Dean's Coinpurse, Prince's Coinpurse, Queen's Purse, Librarian's Research Bundle, Scholar's Research Bundle, Dean's Research Bundle, Metallic Crate, or Lost Aurorian Crate, you'll receive 2 instead of 1!

This event ends with maintenance on May 24, so be sure to reap the rewards before it disappears!