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    Library corner reading room (any floor) fall through the floor

    Its happened 3 times now while i'm soloing it. My lightning tiger strike sends me into a wall and i fall into a empty flatland below the room. 3 TIMES and all of the times I was close or currently fighting jergent, the last boss. It takes me like 40 minutes to do it each time. Just to fall and get locked out. I'm hecking mad. Please add bigger collision and a second flat floor below it or something so if u fall u can glitch back out with like shadowstep or behind enemy lines.

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    I need to farm for my ayanad manaprints and ouroboros >:C but every time i do it, theres always a huge chance that the bug itself will ruin it for me. Its not the mobs that worry me, its the room itself god damit. FIX IT NOWWWWW. YOU THINK I CAN FIND A PARTY THAT WILL INDULGE YOU TO RUN FOR CHARITY IN THIS DED GAME. You gotta solo or NOTHIN. lez go lez go, next mait fix it.

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    Might want to take some screen shots and post them.

    Also , I know venting on the forums is what most people want to do, but submitting a ticket really does get the problem fixed faster.

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    I agree it should be fixed.
    But why do you keep using a skill of which you know it is bugged?
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    because i'm battle rage and behind enemy lines + tiger strike does it too, it doesn't have to be near a wall it could be anywhere. What am I supposed to do? buy new gear and go mage? whack them to death with shadowplay skills? Also, like i said this happened several times, the last time i did it was 2-3 months ago where I DID take screenshots and i sent them tickets with screen shots. ya know they did? nuthin. HECK

    Also, I need to fight near a wall or ull be swarmed by 40 mobs. The next wave spawns when you kill a key mob. So they'll keep spawning and stacking up and if your standing the the center you'll aggro like 12 mobs every 4 you kill. Even tho I'm mega tanky, you do it in the corner. No good to be aoeing 30 dopplegangers and then like ecktom spawns on top of u. So no, you can't fight near the center where its "safe" but the thing is, the most recent time i fell, I WAS in the center near the orb buff spewing machine and i used behind enemy lines and fell thru, so its not safe anywhere really.

    And any skill like shadowstep, teleport shadowsmite, overwhelm, tigerstrike, behind enemy lines, even backflip. anything that makes you move a slight bit, has the chance to drop you in the void. I've went in as pally (br,def,vit) AND inquisitor (br,shadow,vit) and proved that it happens. I'm sure auramancy teleport has a huge chance for it too

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    screenshot from a couple months ago that i submitted in a ticket

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    Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh h

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    I wont stand for this anymore, im gunna sue

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