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I don't feel like they're nerfing healers. I feel like they're nerfing all damage and healing. Yes, total healing output per time will decrease but so does total damage per time. They're turning the game into less of a 1 shot slap fest and more into a skill based pvp game. Look how the high damage passives have all been weakened and you can't stack them anymore (at least based on some accounts). Damage output will go way down.

Renewal is a non-meta heal but it is actually really strong already in some contexts. Ironically, it is one of the abilities that makes the game less of a 1 shot slap fest but it is certainly not commonly used in the current meta and it compliments builds that are also non-meta such as tanky builds.

Renewal may or may not make sense on your build in the 4.5 patch. Yes, it makes your heals hit for more but often it's not the power of your heal that matters once you have a solid weapon. At some point it is more important to get the heal off quickly.

Look at the infuse combo from sacrifice in 3.0+. Who uses that? It's SUPER powerful but the way it is charged is inflexible and doesn't work well in the flow of actual combat. It can be executed in a fight but it is typically difficult to have it charged at a time that makes sense to use it and it doesn't stay charged for long. Maybe renewal will be similar in the new meta. Really strong if you execute it but really situational when you can execute it. We'll see.
In terms of the Infuse combo 3.0+, I know as a former healer that I used it a ton in RvR situations. It was super good for our frontline. Usually, I would get Prayer/Sacrifice either way, so there's that.

I do think that Renewal will be heavily used if the skills go through in this way. It's certainly better in this new state, and is sort of likea new Resurgence. Perhaps it will be situational; we'll just have to see how they implement it.