After some discussion today on the server, we found that PVE minded players loving crafting and gathering are left behind. Most of the recent changes favour the PVP minded players and the sandbox character of the game is loosing in favour of PVP. In fact the last "huge" improvement for PVE players was the raise limit to 230 k for all prophiciencies.

How to have more fun as PVE players?

Introduction of PVE pets improving some prophiciencies (e.g. a beaver for logging, or a rabbit to improve carot speed, a fluffy pink unicorn for artistry etc)
More housing items to buff prophiciencies and why not buffing guild members not only in PVE way but also in PVP way? like items in a guild house that give an additional buff
Houses upgradable to add certain specific buffs (pve and pvp buffs)
Making of special dyes to color the pets, furniture, etc
Make special crest armour for pets so that they are more "in unison" with their owners
Very special items to be collected "in the wild" for highest prophiciency, like golden rice, singing pearls
Gemstones to improve crafting prophiciences
Taming a dragon for highest levels in husbandry
Etc etc etc

Imagination is the only limit.

Its just a couple of ideas that can improve the PVE fun.