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Thread: So Much Broken now ....you will never fix it will you

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    So Much Broken now ....you will never fix it will you

    it says it all that you guys have never fixed the login tracker so it actually works right, then u make it 28 days to get the blue token. You cats are amazing. I play every day on 5 patron accounts but will probably never get another one. I really used to love this game now I sit everyday only playing cause I love my guildies. You have now broken almost every aspect of this game. You don't care. Was such a great game and had such promise. so sad.

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    Also the tradepacks... almost everyone of my guild stopped doing packs.. you need a lot more mats for normal packs and they simply dont have the time to gather enough mats to do some good trading.
    Which breaks the whole cargo system, the nation chat is full of ppl asking to buy charcoal to upgrade there gear or gems, and if you finally have a cargo (1) and you do this safely as there is almost no other way because whales kill you or/and get the most cargo.. you get 20 charcoal a day... well... see yah in 3 years when you have enough cargo.

    A lot of people changed their skillset, there is almost no healer left because healers suck now, at least that is what ppl say in nation chat.. which means.. almost no healers at rrifts like Aegis and Whalesong.. most ppl stop doing those rifts anyway.. and thus we can only hope to get at least phase 2...

    Cloaks and necklace need more honor now, but without doing some rifts.. its gonna take you a looooong time getting those..
    New players will have no change and so we wont see many of them joining this game.

    I dont understand how a company like XL actually think they made some good changes.. with all respect but a 14 year old could guess this is going to bring chaos... again!

    I loved this game.. but slowly its time to rethink Archeage.. cause this is going nowhere anymore. a game should be fun.. but XLgames is making more restrictions on everything and wants to force players to do more risk full stuff.. like those new auroran packs.. but if you have 27 whales camping those sites?.. and thus only they can do those valua packs..

    You cant force people into something.. even in a game this will cause a riot. and ppl leave.. like RL.. forcing ppl is asking for trouble..

    Archeage was fine as it is.. let ppl do the hauler trains again.. who cares.. put normal mats on packs.. this whole game is dying from all the bad choices and really bad changes..

    I am almost going to believe they want to kill this game on purpose on something.. and if greed has taken over.. well.. XLgames sold their soul..


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    Well said .....I am honestly too sad to articulate my feelings right now but u nailed it. I play a healer I'm adjusting the best I can but I have a few erenor pieces and some legendary obs so I am kinda stuck or I would change class as well. It goes all the way back to screwing over fishing...it used to be so fun and such a decent way to make loot....then you made it BETTER by taking away marlin holes and adding pufferfish....which even with max fishing is most of what u catch now. Everytime I adjust to make a new way of making good loot you take a big dump on it. You have made this game so only the people who whale can survive.
    Oh I almost forgot, been since 4.5 release since a gob of us have been able to get the world boss quests in any zone. Still no fix. so so sad.

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    What they did is not propper for them

    1st : the extra gifts from login tracker is only for patrons, NOT FOR F2P. but the change into that system, took away from us 1 entire month, we will not get the login badge this month.

    i am in day 18th and the login tracker says day 10 or something.. But again they lose so many patrons with this patch. There is no point to have many patrons either. I have 3 patrons but thinking of minimizing it a bit, all the people I met in this game leave one way or another. Every patch they bring is to drain more milk but.... no the way it is we lose our interest. They killed most of the events and even if they give us some events, its décor…its not the very recent old archeage.

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