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What about Resilience, Toughness and also Damage reductions, when damage hits a player in what order does that damage mitigate thru said factors. ie block- parry- evasion-resilience-toughness-damage reduction final damage received?
It won't matter since none of those overlap with each other except evasion/block/parry. For instance, if you have 50% evasion, 0 block, and 50% parry, you're only actually parrying 25% of attacks which makes parry weaker (with high evasion or block) because the order it is rolled. But none of those other stats become stronger or weaker by the order.

I guess logically we can infer the game should determine 1. if there is a hit, 2. if it is a crit, 3. IF crit, THEN critical damage % reduction, 4. all other % reductions. Otherwise it is making unnecessary hypothetical calculations like calculating damage first, only to 'find out' in a later calculation that the skill misses. But that's just process optimization and won't change the final numbers.

The only other reduction where order matters would be flat damage reduction which is probably calculated last (maximizing its effect), or else we wouldn't see low damage skills vs high defense getting reduced to 1's while they're hitting over 1 vs less defense but same flat reduction.