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Thread: News about Family Fishing / Fishing boats ?

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    News about Family Fishing / Fishing boats ?

    So, how long will it takes you to change values from Family Fishing ? Cause that's already 2 weeks it's blocked without anymore informations about it.

    Every gold making systems got nerfed/changed/removed, such a pain to make gold in Archeage now :

    - Trade system completly changed and isn't that much rewarding, prices to craft pack went up, selling prices stayed the same and the % of the packs that increase only with cargo (that people stopped doing slowly cause charcoal prices crashed cause people do not need them anymore at this moment).
    - Family fishing : Completly blocked.
    - Fishing boat : Not even in the game and we don't know why (there was fishing boats in the game at the release of AA in 2014). When are we getting them ? Please communicate already..

    No wonder people make army of alts for Kadum.

    Would appreciate some informations about all of this for real.


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    The answer is buy more APEX if you want gold $$$$

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    +1 For fishing boats. Like wtf... fishers cant fish in salt waters without fishing boats and their fishing spot radars.

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