ArcheAge May 2018 "Phase 2: Claim" Official Patch Notes

The following release notes contain information about our latest major ArcheAge update: Phase 2 -- Claim!

Seize the power of the ancients -- New Hiram Guardian gear available!
“All right recruits, a new set of monsters moved in and is staking out some of the unclaimed land of Auroria. It's our job to make sure this situation is kept under control...”

Hiram Guardian gear is a brand new type of gear that drops in Diamond Shores, Golden Ruins, Nuimari, Heedmar, Marcala, and Calmlands. This gear is equivalent in power to the Epherium tier, and is a new way for players to progress their statistics without jumping into regrading.

Similar to the Erenor item tier, Hiram Guardian gear levels up by having items synthesized into it. However, unlike the Erenor tier, you may only sacrifice other pieces of Hiram gear.

This gear begins at the Grand grade with three random statistics, costs 60 labor to identify, caps at the Celestial tier, and binds on pickup. These items also cannot be Evenstoned, and cannot be tempered. As the gear levels up, you may choose to re-roll statistics on your items.

Hiram Gear comes in the following varieties:
  • Unidentified Hiram Guardian 1H Weapon
  • Unidentified Hiram Guardian 2H Weapon
  • Unidentified Hiram Guardian Leather Armor
  • Unidentified Hiram Guardian Cloth Armor
  • Unidentified Hiram Guardian Plate Armor
  • Unidentified Hiram Guardian Instrument

Fresh Start Changes
  • Players may now access Nuimari, Marcala, Heedmar, and Calmlands in Auroria. Castle claiming is not available... yet.
  • Epherium tier gear is unlocked!
  • Hiram Gear is now available in Auroria!
  • Players may upgrade Farm Carts to Farm Wagons (4 crates.)
  • Glider upgrades can now be crafted.
  • The 30g Regrade Scrolls in the Marketplace have been removed. Regrade points now have to be made per normal methods.

General Changes
  • Players who are wanted can no longer be placed under the Captain's Protection buff. If they become wanted while the buff is up, Captain's Protection is removed.
  • The map of Diamond Shores, Golden Ruins, and Lilyut Hills has been slightly adjusted.
  • Reduced loading time after a player chooses a character and loads into the game.

World, Quests, Dungeons
  • Fixed an issue where the Warehouse Manager in the Nuimari base was not accessible by all factions.
  • The conflict cycle in Golden Ruins has been adjusted.
    • War will now last for 50 minutes (down from 90 minutes.)
    • Peace will now last for 60 minutes (up from 30 minutes.)
  • The conflict cycle in Diamond Shores has been adjusted:
  • War is now 120 minutes.
  • Peace is now 180 minutes.
  • War now begins at 1:00 / 7:00 / 13:00 / and 19:00 UTC in EU. This is 11:00 PM / 5:00 AM / 11:00 AM / and 5:00 PM PDT in NA.
  • The Abyssal Legion monsters have been added to Auroria to support the new Hiram gear system. Their addition has removed some of the previous monsters that would spawn in those specific areas.
  • Additional Abyssal Legion members will spawn after purifying Diamond Shores.
  • Added a mark on the map for the quests "Crafting Afternoon Sun" and "Tonics and Tinctures."
  • Skill tooltips now show the max number of targets of a skill.
  • Fixed an issue in the quest "Farm Cart Upgrade" where the quest description and in-game play did not fully match.
  • Removed the Murder for Migration and Merciless Murder for Migration.

Arena, Events, World PvP
  • Fixed an issue where a stealthed player could be detected due to the player character's visual effects.
  • Improved the anti-AFK system in arenas as follows:
    • The first time you are noticed away or AFK in an arena, you will be given a debuff that prevents you from joining an arena for 20 minutes.
    • If you go AFK or away again, the duration of the debuff will increase drastically.
    • This debuff has a maximum cap of 20 hours.
  • The terrain of the Gladiator Arena has been changed to stop players from hiding. The same change affects the Sparring and Skirmish arenas as well.
  • Players will now wait for 5 seconds before an Arena begins before they are placed at their starting points, to allow all players to load in.
  • Players who are forcibly moved away from Mistmerrow will not automatically be added to the zone's Auto-Raid.
  • Raids and Parties formed before Mistmerrow are now automatically disbanded.
  • Fixed an issue where players who entered Mistmerrow by force could be added to the Auto-Raid even if the team was full. These players will now be auto-kicked from the raid and teleported back to their faction base.
  • Occultism's Shadow Vortex is no longer effective in a non-combat zone, nor will it affect ships.
  • Reduced the max number of targets of Wave Meteor Strike to 10 (was 20.)

Items & Crafting
  • Players can no longer acquire Ocean Blue Coral. Previous pieces of coral can be sold to merchants for gold. Removed Blue Coral from crafting recipes.
  • Players can no longer acquire Eternal Embers. Previous embers can be sold to merchants for gold. Removed Eternal Embers from crafting recipes.
  • Malevolent Obsidian can no longer be acquired, but it can be used to craft previously discontinued Obsidian items.
  • Lunafrost and Lunagems socketed on equipment now appears in the displayed equipment score on the item.
  • Item Synthesis now costs 20 labor.
  • Hiram Guardian equipment has been added to the item encyclopedia.
  • The description of crafting requests has been changed and slightly tweaked to be clearer.
  • The option to "display qualified proficiency items only" will be reset when closing the Folio window.
  • Due to the discontinuation of Illustrious weapons, previous crafting quests are no longer available. Related titles have been added to Achievements.
  • The equip level of Storm Caller's Hoop is now 50.
  • Reduced the Charcoal Stabilizer gain for turning in cargo at Golden Ruins. Both Nuian and Haranyan cargo now only offers 24 Charcoal (down from 30.)
  • Using an Evenstone on a Flaming Pumpkinhead Scarecrow Garden now reverts the garden into a Scarecrow Farm.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the drum sticks fro the War Drum would appear in the wrong location when being used by male Nuians, male Elves, male Harani, and male Dwarves.
  • Fixed an appearance issue on the Desert Assassin Plate when it is on a female Warborn.
  • Fixed an issue when placing a costume on the Shortcut Bar could display the costume icon as unusable.
  • Fixed an appearance issue on the Werefox Robes.
  • Fixed an issue where some players could get inside of bridges in Ahnimar.
  • Fixed an issue where a player could use a glider while in stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where the beard of male Dwarves could appear through the Autumn Greenman Suit (beards just gotta be seen, ya know.)
  • Players in trial can no longer use raid invites.
  • Players in trial can no longer use radius invite.
  • The back Harpoon Launcher on a Harpoon Clipper has been updated so it uses the same view as any other harpoon.
  • Improved issues that cause players to glitch when holding ladders or on the back stairs of ships.
  • Added a line of text in the Exploitation passive skill's buff that using Enervated or Focal Concussion consumes 1 stack of Exploitation.
  • Fixed an issue where jurors could use gliders or recall. (HEY, GET BACK HERE. DO YOUR CIVIC DUTY.)
  • Fixed an issue where Brahm's Harmonious Melody could not be collected if it was being used.
  • Fixed an issue where a Bound Storage Chest of a character pending deletion could be made public.
  • Fixed an issue where players could enter or pass through the Trade Outlet building in Diamond Shores.
  • Fixed an issue on the Thatched Farmhouse where decorative plants had an interaction option.
  • Fix a bug that caused the stealth skill on Crimson & Steel Lightning to still be effective if the mount was dismissed in a Nui Statue's peace zone.
  • The Seabreeze Plank on the Turtle Ship is now interactable.
  • The damage information on the Eternal Dragon Figurehead's "Dragonroar" has been corrected.
  • Auramancy's "Banishment" tooltip now specifies that it does not work on Dragons or Wyverns.
  • Increased the size of Lilai's Special Place so players can find it a bit easier while exploring.
  • Adjusted the location of guards in Gweonid Lake.
  • Adjusted the terrain in the north lake of Ahnimar.
  • Fixed the item spawn of Special Mushrooms in the quest "Fallen Fortress."
  • Fixed an issue that could cause set effects to trigger incorrectly.
  • Fixed Evenglow Lunagem so its Imprison increase effect applies correctly.
  • Removed the Wyrdwind Viola and Andelph Orgel from item fusion options.
  • Corrected the regrade rates of the following items: Heaven's Fire-Spitting Bow, Blackguard's Determination, Callous Heaven's Fire-Spitting Bow, Cruel Blackguard's Determination.
  • The Steel Tsunami Shield's crafting recipe is displayed in game once more.
  • Players cannot pick up a trade pack while using a glider.
  • Fixed an issue where destroying a ship in Bloodsalt Bay would score higher points than previous kills.
  • Shadowsmite's combo effect with Blood Frenzy can no longer be used if the caster is not in stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where Enervated could not be applied to Stunned targets, and it would increase damage dealt on feared targets.
  • Fixed an issue where Insidious Whisper could not be used on a target with Fear Immunity.
  • Fixed an issue where Blazing Arrow with Steady Shooting would not stack with Feral Mark.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Skill Points could be displayed when using an effect that changes skills.
  • Fixed an issue where Dragon Roar would not affect gliders.
  • Title icons that cannot be acquired are no longer displayed.
  • Fixed a text issue in Mist Sonic Wave where the tooltip said Stone instead of Mist.
  • Fixed a text display issue where the stack count of Bloodthirst of Castigant Reaper was displayed incorrectly. It now correctly states it stacks up to 10 times.
  • Updated the tooltip of Attack Speed Training to show the Delirium requirement.

General Known Issues
  • The splash screen for the game currently shows the Maelstrom logo and look. This will be corrected before official launch.
  • Auroria traders are still appearing on Fresh Start, despite a patch note that says otherwise.
  • Sometimes, stealth characters can still use gliders.
  • The Hiram Item quests have been disabled due to an issue, however the gear still drops in the noted Auroria locations.
  • The team is seeking more information on what has changed with the 3 listed maps in the patch notes.
  • The Evenglow Lunagem: Stasis is still not increasing imprison duration.