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    Abyssal Songcraft

    Abyssal Songcraft Passive 'Resonating Harmony' not working. Bugged or ninja nerf?

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    HAH! Oh man, it's way weirder than that.

    The actual korean text of that passive says it requires both the Crit Discord debuff AND the Dissonance debuff to trigger Resonating Harmony. It has literally never worked that way in any version we have ever received, through every stage of localization and testing, so we edited the tooltip to match the actual functionality... but it appears that XL has just silently "fixed" that bug.

    Bit of a communication issue there, since i obviously would have changed the tooltip to match the new functionality if I'd received a heads up. But I'll do that now, and maybe we can get a text hotfix in so people know what's going on.

    Thanks for the report!

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