ArcheAge July 2018 Update: Official Patch Notes

The following release notes contain information about our latest major ArcheAge update: July 2018!

Visit the best of the community's art!
“So many artists, so little time! I just want to buy them all!”

In the ancient days, the city of Delphinad held the "Essenion" art contest held every year in order to promote their master artists. Now, so many years later, King Andrion II of Nuia and Queen Amarendra IV of Haranya have banded together to resurrect this tradition in the form of the Erenor Global Art Contest!

Visit Marianople or Austera between July 19 and August 2 with a character that's level 30 or higher to meet with the Blue Salt Brotherhood's artists, Vivalt and Mendelsson. Plus you can view OR purchase pieces of art made by ArcheAge players across the world! The pieces made by the finalists from North America and Europe, Korea, China, Russia, Japan, and Taiwan are all present and ready for YOU!

For our region, make sure to check out the following finalists:
  • Life Is A Beautiful Ride -- Kithira of Conviction
  • Itchy On A Rock -- Itchylily of Retribution
  • Sweet Sorrow -- Sirochan of Shatigon
  • Hauler Avalanche -- Erry of Tempest
  • Delphinad Ghost Ship: Hard Mode -- Silenthunter of Eanna

Use your Gilda Stars to purchase copies of the art for your home (and enriching the corresponding artist) and you'll be rewarded with Art Contest Coins. Taking some time to activate and view the pieces of art also can reward you with coins too!

Plus, if you're in the area at 8:00, 16:00, and 24:00 UTC for EU or 6:00 AM, 2:00 PM, and 10:00 PM PDT for NA, you can participate in the Cooperative Art quest and help draw a big collective portrait. Just talk to Art Dealer Stark before beginning your masterpiece!

For you participating artists: Kithira, Itchylily, Sirochan, Erry, and Silenthunter -- for each piece of art sold across the world, you'll receive 1 gold (up to a maximum of 10,000 gold). Your Artistry skill will also be boosted by 10,000 at the completion of the event to represent your accomplishments. Plus, the artist who sells the most portraits in the world (across all participants) will get another +10,000 Artistic skill! Make sure to thank the Blue Salt Brotherhood when you can!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Global Art Contest, and we're excited to announce the official winners soon!

Experience the new side of Fishing!
“It's like these fish just want to jump right in my boat.”

Sport Fishing and the Fishing Tournament received a major set of updates this update, all listed for you below:

Sport Fishing
  • Schools of Fish spawn more often.
  • Added new fishing rods:
    • Basic Fishing Rod: a basic fishing rod that can be upgraded to two different types.
    • Flexible Fishing Rod (Novice, Veteran, Expert): Reduced Bite Waiting time.
    • Sturdy Fishing Rod (Novice, Veteran, Expert): Deals more damage to sport fish.
  • Expert's Sturdy Fishing Rod and Expert's Flexible Fishing Rod can be used in Advanced Fishing and Ice Fishing.
  • Chopped Fish Bucket has been changed to Chum Bucket.
    • Crafting material change - previously Pike x10, changed to Bait Worm x60 and Ground Grain x40.
  • Added new features to fishing rods:
    • Fishing Rods no longer consume Lures
    • The new "Sport Fishing Lure" item can activate a fishing rod, which lasts for 2 hours.
    • The timer on fishing rods decreases while offline.
  • Adjusted the appearance rate and type of Sport Fish.
    • Adjusted the Health and Health Regen of Sport Fish.
    • Max Health is different per the types of fish; a type of fish has the same max health regardless of the size.
  • Adjusted the swimming pattern of Medium Fish and Fry.
    • "Leap" and "Dive" are triggered more often if the fish is smaller.
  • Selling a Fish Pack at a Fish Stand costs 10 Labor.

Mirage Fishing Contest
  • The fishing contest is available from 5 AM PDT (12:00 UTC) to 4:59 PM PDT (23:59 UTC) every Saturday.
  • Updated the quest test of "Becoming the Fisher King," which is available from Surprise Helper on Mirage Isle during the Fishing Contest.
    • Grants a "Lucid Mirage Fishing Rod" via the quest during the contest hours.
    • The Lucid Mirage Fishing Rod does not consume lures and can be used for an hour.
    • The timer of the Lucid Mirage Fishing Rod decreases while offline.
  • Surprise Helper no longer sells fishing items.
    • Previously purchased items can be sold at the purchase price.
  • Adjusted the overall balance to reduce baiting time.
  • Increased the appearance of the Lucky Pink Marlin.
  • Added a Treasure Mimic that drops "Fisherman's Herbs," which increases the Fishing Proficiency by 50,000 for 10 minutes, and can only be used on Mirage Isle.
  • Contest Rewards are currently granted from 1st to 500th place with the rewards maintained, however, in an upcoming update, rewards will be provided from 1st to 5000th place.

Craft Marketplace mounts with Manastorm Crystals!
“Legends say that if you collect enough of these crystals, they have the ability to distort the fabric of space and time...”

New Manastorm Crystals are now available as drops from opening Locked Gold Chests and Shadow Invasion sub-bosses, which can be found as drops from World Bosses.

These Crystals can be used to craft previously available Marketplace mounts, such as the Frost Dragon or Typhoon Drake, and armors like the Typhoon set completely free! Visit the Pet Accessory Workbench to see the full list.

Fresh Start -- Reign: Part 1 Changes
  • Level cap increased to level 55!
  • Play as a Dwarf or Warborn! Players have been granted an additional character slot to celebrate!
  • Search the depths of the sea to salvage ships!
  • Face off against the Leviathan, shoot across the sea in Abyssal Attack, and rise to face the deadly bloodsong of Mistsong Summit!
  • Craft up to Delphinad tier equipment, and enjoy Tier 2 Vehicles, Submarines, Freighters, and Fishing Boats!
  • Raise your Warrior Necklace to Rank 11 and Rank 12.
  • Tier 2 Kraken equipment can be found!
  • Take your adventures (or build a homestead in) Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock, and Sunbite Wilds!

Halcyona Specific Changes
  • Halcyona on Fresh Start now utilizes a queue system similar to Mistmerrow. Due to this, Pirates may no longer participate in the battle. Once one of the nations reaches the player limit, any further players wishing to enter the zone during the war will be placed in a queue. If a spot opens, they will be notified and can teleport in.
  • Halcyona's Phases have also been adjusted: Phase 1 (Setup) for the battle lasts 5 minutes, while the main battle (Phase 2) will end in 30 minutes.
  • War Golems no longer spawn during the battle.

Kraken Specific Changes
  • Fresh Start's Kraken is also undergoing changes in order to break up guilds and nations from dominating the spawn.
  • Before Kraken spawns on Tuesday and Thursday, a red zone will appear on the map. This area represents the Kraken Restricted Zone, and only a specific faction will be able to enter that area to fight the Kraken at that time.
  • If you are not a member of that faction, you will be teleported out of the zone and your ship/cargo will be placed into stasis. You can retrieve your vehicle and packs by visiting the same spot you were in when you were removed and re-summoning your vehicle.
  • On Tuesdays, only Haranya Alliance members can face the Kraken.
  • On Thursdays, only Nuia Alliance members can face the Kraken.
  • On Saturdays, the area is left unrestricted, and the Kraken's rewards are increased to represent the additional challenge.
  • An additional spawn point has been added to the area to prevent players from a long ride back, should they die in the fight.

Quest Changes/Additions
  • Fresh Start members can take on a new quest called "Helping the Hiram" that will send them through Reedwind, Sungold Fields, and Exeloch. Pick it up from your faction representative!

General Changes
  • AoE skills do not include an unattackable target as a target.
  • Added a new basic skill "Defiance."
  • The new basic skill "Defiance" is added to the skillbar with the "0" keybind.
  • Removed the skill "Fighter's Desire" from the Sparring Arena (1v1) and the Skirmish Arena (3v3).
  • Removed the text "This skill can't be upgraded further" from the tooltips of learned Passive Skills.
  • Improved the issue of Revival (for both the skill and scrolls) that could cause it to randomly fail.
  • Updated the loading screen image.
  • A Stealthed character's visual effects are also invisible to other players who can't see the Stealthed Character.
  • Added an Optimization option that can be used during massive combat.
  • Added more descriptions about removing a player from a PvP battle zone, such as Halcyona or Mistmerrow.
    • Re-entering the battle zone after Waiting will drop any trade pack on your back.
    • Raid Recruit fees will not be refundable after being sent to the faction headquarters.
    • Can't enter dungeons or Mirage Isle while Waiting.
    • Entering an arena cancels the Waiting status.

Item Changes
  • Delphinad Ghost Ship Stone Slab can no longer be sold to Relic Merchant, instead can be sold to Shadow Merchant on Freedich Island for Charcoal Stabilizer.
  • Royal Seed and Scented Leaf are dropped from harvesting bundles, instead of seeds.
  • Added additional text to Dawnstone's tooltip.
    • "Removed Lunagems will be destroyed."
  • Increased the synthesis experience granted by Grand Hiram Guardian Equipment from 100 to 150.
  • Doubled the synthesis experience granted by the cloaks from Haunted Chests.
  • Increased the gem slots on Grand - Unique equipment
    • Now they have the same number of slots as Celestial equipment.
  • Each party member can acquire a Deranged Spirit and an Arcadian Seafoam.
  • Abyssal Legion Enraged monsters can drop the following items:
    • Queen's Purse
    • Unidentified Hiram Infusion
    • Hiram Awakening Scroll
  • Improved the synthesis item tooltips.
  • Serendipity Stone can be used to reroll a stat on Hiram Guardian Equipment.
  • Fixed the issue where the tooltip of "Vivid Honor Gem" has unclear information about item acquisition.
  • The Shift+right-click feature is available for Evenstone when salvaging multiple items.
  • Some Sealed Lunafrosts can be salvaged.
  • All Grades (Basic - Rare) of Mistsong Reticle can be stacked.
  • All Grinding Guardian Scrolls can be purchased from the Marketplace.
    • Grinding Guardian Scroll - 10g
    • Superior Grinding Guardian Scroll - 30g
    • Mistsong Grinding Guardian Scroll - 100g
  • Specific pieces of equipment can now be Awakened in order to increase its power.
  • Awakening requires Awakening Scrolls and other specific items.
  • Awakening preserves the following features of an item: Socketed lunagems, socketed lunastones, tempering rates, Synthesis XP, Synthesis Stats, Bind Type, and any image placed on the equipment.
  • Currently, only Hiram Guardian Gear and specific pieces of Mistsong equipment can be Awakened.
  • Players will require 10 Hiram Awakening Scrolls or a single Sacred Hiram Awakening Scroll to proceed with the process. Sacred Hiram Awakening Scrolls also provide a higher chance to awaken the equipment. Failure results in Crystallization. Success results in a Radiant Hiram Guardian piece. When an item fails to awaken, there is a chance it will become crystallized. Sacred Hiram Awakening Scrolls provide a higher chance of success when awakening Hiram Guardian equipment, and prevent the item from becoming crystallized in the event of failure.
  • Players can create Sacred Hiram Awakening Scrolls with 50 Hiram Awakening Scrolls and a Forgotten Knowledge Quill. These quills can be purchased with Loyalty Tokens or with Prestige from the Guild Shop.
  • Mistsong Awakening Scrolls have also been added, and are specific to Mistsong equipment. Prior pieces of equipment can still be upcrafted from the Mirage Salvage Forge.
  • Decrystallization Scrolls have also been added and are available in the Honor Shop. These scrolls only work with the Awakening process (allowing you to attempt Awakening again), and will not Decrystallize Illustrious - Ayanad crafted equipment.
  • Successful Awakenings will also grant a special lunagem.
  • Added new Lunafrosts to drop from crates: Cracked Lunafrosts, Whole Lunafrosts, and Flawless Lunafrosts. Opening one of these Lunafrosts will generate a random type of statistic increase. Previously generated Lunafrosts will be able to be traded and sold as normal. New Lunafrosts are bind on pickup. Salvaging a Lunafrost will generate lunarite.
  • Reduced the Lunarite amount required to create a Lunafrost: 30 Lunarite, 6 Fine Lunarite, or 2 Superior Lunarite. This will create Lunafrosts that are now available from crate drops.
  • Regrade Braziers and Radiant Archeum Saplings have been removed from crates and are now purchased directly from the Vocation Badge shop for 200 badges.
  • Increased the chance for the Heading Regrade Brazier to become a Hot Regrade Brazier. Regrade Braziers now have a higher chance of dropping full Regrade Points. Chance to drop Regrade Point Shards has been reduced.
  • In Archeum Trees, the chance for the tree to drop Archeum Shards and Archeum Crystals has been dramatically reduced. The chance for the tree to produce Dust has been dramatically increased, while the chance to produce Archeum Essence has been slightly increased. Trees will also give more Shards than previous (previous drop was between 11 and 13, new range is between 17 and 19. This is because the overall consumption of archeum in the game has decreased due to the new crafting system changes.
  • Archeum Trees now have a chance to rarely become thunderstruck.
  • Increased the gold gained from the following coinpurses: Prince's Coinpurse, Queen's Coinpurse, Scholar's Coinpurse, Librarian's Coinpurse, Dean's Coinpurse, and Ancestor's Coinpurse.
  • Increased the labor cost to open Scholar and Dean's Coinpurses.
  • Queen's Crate and Ancestral Crate now cost 20 labor to open.
  • Lunafrosts and Experience potions can now drop from Crates.
  • Added Manastorm Crystals to Locked Gold Crates. These crystals can be collected to fully craft mounts and armors that were previously only available from the ArcheAge Marketplace.
  • Metallic crates have been adjusted, and new crates have been introduced. Locked Copper Crates can be found during Shadow Invasions, Locked Silver Crates drop from elite mobs on Auroria, and Locked Gold Crates drop from World Bosses. Prior crates can still be used, but cannot be acquired anymore. Prior crates will still use the old drop tables.
  • Kraken Ink Sacs will drop from killing Kraken.
  • The Armor Grade set buffs have been adjusted. These set buffs now start at the Grand grade with Health and Mana bonuses, as well as a skill damage bonus. Bonus stat increases per grade have been adjusted. All additional set effects that were granted during the Heroic and Celestial grades (set specific buffs) have been removed.
  • Removed hidden effects from all weapons.
  • Weapon attack speeds and Attack Types have been adjusted:
    • 1 second is now the default weapon attack speed. A weapon that is faster than 1 second deals less damage but hits faster.
    • Weapon Attack speed will affect both the speed and damage of melee skills.
    • Weapons are now divided into three categories: Piercing, Slashing, and Crushing. Each has a chance to deal more damage to a specific armor type.
    • The chance to trigger this damage has increased from 20% to 50%.
      • Piercing: +15% vs plate
      • Slashing: + 15% vs leather
      • Crushing: +20% vs plate
    • Plate features multiple extra damage types to balance its high defense and health. Cloth has few weaknesses due to its naturally low defenses.
  • The 2h Weapon Equip effect has been adjusted. It now adds Melee Range +1m and Magic/Healing Skill range +2m.
  • The gap between min damage and max damage of all weapons is now 1%.
  • The gap between min damage and max damage of all Magic Attack Skills is 1%.
  • Removing the items that use to be dropped from Sungold Fields, Exeloch, and Golden Ruins monsters: Possessed Topaz, Haunted Obsidian, Bone chips, Forbidden Spellgems, and Ritual Aquamarines.
  • Added Honor Potions to the Crimson Watch Chest.

Dungeon Gear Changes
  • Adjusted the drop rate and types of the Greater Dungeon equipment/
  • Adjusted the Grade of dropped dungeon items.
    • Greater Dungeons: Arcane
    • Serpentis / Sea of Drowned Love: Arcane
    • Mistsong Summit: Rare
  • Dungeon equipment from Greater Dungeons or higher is upgraded via Synthesis.
  • Synthesis Dungeon Equipment can be used as synthesis materials regardless of its type.
  • Depending on the equipment, the max Grade is different.
    • Greater Dungeon: Divine
    • Serpentis / Sea of Drowned Love: Epic
    • Mistsong Summit: Legendary
    • Awakened Mistsong Equipment / Taris Equipment: Eternal
  • Synthesis Dungeon equipment cannot be used in Erenor Synthesis.

Mistsong Summit
  • Mistsong Dagger Shards are discontinued. Players can still use the following items to acquire a Rare Wicked Whisper Dagger:
    • Sojung's Dagger Shard
    • Aria's Dagger Shard
    • Dochul's Dagger Shard
  • Wicked Whisper Dagger can be acquired via boss drop.
  • Mistsong Bosses always drop a Sunset Portalstone regardless of the difficulty.

  • Adjusted the crafting materials for Cursed Obsidian equipment.
    • Adjusted the required amount of Mercury Solution and added Renaia's Research Journal to the recipes.
  • Removed the discontinued crafting materials from the following recipes: Cursed Obsidian, Ominous Obsidian, Cloaked Brimstone Obsidian, and Cloaked Delphinad Cloak.
  • Added Moonlight Archeum Crystal to the Cloaked Delphinad Cloak recipe.
  • Removed the crafting for 3 types of Grinding Guardian scrolls, these can now be purchased for gold from the marketplace.
  • Removed the Auroria Loot Specialty Pack recipes.
    • Packs crafted prior to this update can still be turned in at the Trade Outlet.
  • Adjusted the recipes available from Apothecary's Villa.
    • Mossy Pool: removed Iris, Thistle, Cornflower, and Aloe; added 1 Charcoal Stabilizer.
    • Kraken's Might: removed Aloe, Cornflower, Thistle, and Iris; added 1 Charcoal Stabilizer.
    • Desert Fire: removed Lavender, Mushroom, Narcissus, and Lily; added 1 Charcoal Stabilizer.
    • Nui's Nova: removed Ginkgo Leaf, Lotus, Mushroom, and Lavender; added 1 Charcoal Stabilizer.
    • Deluxe Sandwich: removed Barley, Garlic, Yam, and Strawberry; added 1 Charcoal Stabilizer.
    • Hearty Soup: removed Barley, Tomato, Pumpkin, and Rosemary; added 1 Charcoal Stabilizer.
  • Reduced the required amount of materials from the following recipes:
    • Whole Grain Bread: Barley 10 > 5
    • Vegetable Bread: Garlic 8 > 5
    • Sweet Bread: Yam 6 > 2
    • Simple Sandwich: Barley 3 > 2
    • Whole Grain Soup: 20 > 5
    • Vegetable Soup: Tomato 10 > 5
    • Sweet Soup: Pumpkin 5 > 2
    • Fragrant Soup: Rosemary 3 > 2
  • Removed the Greater or above dungeon equipment's T1 -> T2 reciples.
    • Some discontinued recipes can be found at the Mirage Salvage Forge.
  • Adjusted the recipes for the Head armor pieces from the Sea of Drowned Love.
  • When crafting a Wrathsmite Axe or a Superior Wrathsmite Axe, the resulting Grade is Rare. (previously Basic)
  • Added the new crafting recipe for Mistsong Awakening Scrolls, which can be crated at the Distorted Mistsong Workbench.
  • Added a new item "Hiram Infusion" that can be used as synthesis materials for Hiram Guardian Equipment. These can be acquired from Unidentified Hiram Infusions, which drop from Abyssal Legion Enraged mobs.
  • Infusions can be used on equipment synthesis for Hiram Guardian Equipment.
    • Abyssal Enhancers can be crafted at a dungeon Workbench.
  • Adjusted the crafting materials for Taris weapons.
    • Removed Jade Orb, replaced with Wrathsmite Armor Shard.
    • Jade Orb x5 -> Wrathsmite Armor Shard x15
  • Abyssal Shards and Abyssal Crystals will drop in the following quantities from dungeon bosses.
    • Greater Dungeons: Abyssal Shard x8-10
    • Sea of Drowned Love: Abyssal Crystal x3
    • Mistsong: Abyssal Crystal x2
  • Added 4 recipes for Abyssal Enhancers (works on Dungeon equipment).
  • Enhancers can be crafted at a Distorted Dimension Workbench, the Center of Dahuta's Power, or the Distorted Mistsong Workbench.
  • Aria's Autograph can no longer be crafted.
  • Added 7 new fishing rod recipes and retired old recipes, in line with the new Fishing Update.
  • Added a new Sport Fishing Lure recipe. Prior lures have been discontinued.
  • Removed Lunafrost recipes. Related Crafting Requests can be salvaged. Lunafrosts can now be found in Merchant’s, Noble’s, Jester’s, Prince’s, Queen’s, and Ancestral Crates.
  • Added recipes for Lunarite, Fine Lunarite, and Superior Lunarite. They can now be combined to create a higher tier item.
  • Removed the following recipes: Wooden Reel, Bamboo Fishing Pole Frame, Steel Fishing Pole Frame, Springy Steel Fishing Pole Frame, Gilt Fishing Pole Frame, Archeum Fishing Pole Frame.
  • Adjusted the items for a Recovery Pouch: Leather increased from 1 to 5, Labor increased from 25 to 50.

Pets / Summons
  • Added an explosion effect to the Rampage Series of cars when they are low on health.
  • Updated the tooltip for "Evasive Leap" on the Stormwraith Kirin
  • Wheeled Mortar, Fire Ironclad and Ironclad are more recognizable from a distance.
  • Fixed the issue where some submarines had lower speed than others.

  • Improved the plant placing system. Plants can now be lined up easily via a grid system.

  • Removed the quest "Kraken Guardian" and "Defend the Kraken." Related Achievements are no longer available.
  • Players that have either of these quests can talk to the Nui Temple Priestess to acquire the reward.
  • Certain Daily Contract quests cannot be accepted.
  • Added a new quest "Mistmerrow Battle Badge" in Mistmerrow. This quest is available for players that have completed the Mistmerrow Battle and completes automatically.
  • Players can accept the loot quest from the faction relics during the Golden Plains Battle.
  • Adjusted the quest objectives for "Pants on Fire" and "Magic Touch."
  • If a quest is completed as a player teleports, the completion message is triggered.
  • Rumors of the Hiram: using an Auroria Teleport Scroll completes the quest.
  • Reorganized the pre Lv11-15 Achievements to be completed at the proper character level.
  • Path of Glory: added a new reward of 3000 Honor to the quest "Defeat the Kraken!"
  • Added new daily quests for the Pirate faction:
    • Raiders of Reedwind.
    • Raiders of Sungold Field.
    • Raiders of Exeloch.
  • Improved the text for the quest "Rock Paper Scissors."
  • Changed the quest reward for "Assault on Mistmerrow" from Kadum's Bark to 600 Honor points.
  • Changed the required item for "A Good Reputation" to Flaming Log.
  • Added a new quest "For Mistmerrow." (Not available on Fresh Start Servers.)

Zone / NPC
  • Legacy Only - Removed the friendly Kraken spawn.
  • Legacy Only - Kraken can be defeated by any faction on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Kraken can be killed by Siege Damage.
  • The Ahnimar Duck Boat will be destroyed if it is near a building.
  • Added the new Abyssal Legion Enraged monsters in Reedwing, Sungold Fields, and Exeloch.
    • The number of local monsters is reduced.
    • More Abyssal Legion monsters spawn when Reedwind is in Peace.
    • More monsters spawn when Sungold Fields and Exeloch are purified.
  • Adjusted the War/Peace cycle in Reedwind.
    • Conflict: 10 minutes.
    • War: 50 minutes.
    • Peace: 60 minutes.
  • Removed the Mysterious Crates on Auroria.
  • Added the new NPC "Hiram Herald" in Reedwind, Sungold Fields, and Exeloch.
  • Added a World Boss spawn message that is triggered in the zone.
  • Adjusted Kraken's pattern. The Kraken is now more sensitive against damage from players, and has a chance to attack a ship.

  • Increased the amount of Charcoal Stabilizers granted when turning in Nuian or Haranyan Cargo at a Trade Outlet.
  • Added the Dynamic Trade System:
    • Dynamic Trade begins when Ynystere and Cinderstone Moor are switched to War.
    • 15% payment bonus when a pack is turned in during the War.
  • All zones in the game are now classified with a trade prefix: Luxury, Fine, Commercial, and Preserved. Different prefixes denote how fast you may need to move a pack to a Trade Outlet in order to receive a bonus or maximum profit.
    • Luxury Zones: Solzreed Peninsula, Two Crowns, Cinderstone Moor, Solis Headlands, Villanelle.
    • Fine Zones: Dewstone Plains, Lilyut Hills, Marianople, Mahadevi, Tigerspine Mountains, Falcorth Plains.
    • Commercial Zones: Gweonid Forest, Aubre Cradle, White Arden, Airain Rock, Karkasse Ridgelands, Arcum Iris, Ynystere, Silent Forest, Sunbite Wilds.
    • Preserved Zones: Halcyona, Sanddeep, Hellswamp, Ahnimar, Windscour Savannah, Rookborne Basin, Perinoor Ruins, Rokhala Mountains, Hasla.
  • Packs now also denote their creation in their name. Specialty packs denote a normal pack, Gilda Packs are created with Gilda Stars, Local Specialties are crafted at a trade plaza or community center workbench, Fertilizer Specialties are crafted at a Merchant's House, and Aged Specialties are crafted at larders.
  • Increased the amount of stone bricks required to a craft a larder from 5 to 10.
  • Increased the amount of iron ingots required to craft a larder from 5 to 10.

Skill Changes

The following skills have had their visual effects improved.


Wraith Summoning (Basic, Mist, and Wave)
  • Increased the size of the visualized magic circle to fit the actual effective range (7m radius).


  • The visualized magic circle on the ground is more vivid.


Insulating Lens
  • Added a loop effect that looks like a protective lens.

Wave Meteor Strike
  • Added a circle indicating the AoE and target area when casting the skill. (Like Skewer in Vitalism)


Rapid Strike
  • Improved the effect when the skill hits a target.

Pin Down and Overwhelm
  • Added an explosion effect when this skill is used on a target.

Lightning Overwhelm
  • Added a Lightning explosion effect when this skill is used on a target.

Flame Overwhelm
  • Added a Flame explosion effect when this skill is used on a target.


  • Added an effect when getting hit by the skill.

Life Antithesis
  • Removed the regeneration visual effect from the caster. (The effect appears if the skill is used on a target.)

Quake Antithesis
  • Removed the effect on the ground.

  • Added an on-hit effect (Health Regen).

Mana Barrier
  • Added a loop effect that looks like a protective lens.

Bug Fixes
  • "Unloading the Burden" should no longer consume labor twice when dropping the Kalia Family Cargo.
  • Fixed Stablehand Daniela's face in Aubre Cradle. Plastic surgery? Nope, dev magic!
  • Adjusted the angle of the umbrella during the Umbrella emote.
  • Fixed an area where a building could not be placed in the Rokhala Mountains housing province.
  • Rugs in a Spired Chateau should now all display correctly, regardless of placement.
  • Meina's "Sundered Earth" ability will now always deal damage on players.
  • Fixed the ""Convert: Mysterious Garden Powder" > "Convert: Lunarite"" recipe text.
  • Fixed an issue where plants would not be placed on land correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera view could be randomly changed when using an Umbrella Magithropter.
  • The Auction House will now properly reflect the consume gold from buying out on your current funds.
  • The Red Dragon Mount's "Dragon Roar" will no longer cause "Fierce Titan's Wings" to become unusable.
  • The Red Dragon Mount's "Promised Guardian's Ward" will correctly dismount the rider.
  • Critical Discord: Skill will now properly be applied to additional nearby targets when a Deadly Elegance Staff or Supreme Deadly Elegance Staff is equipped. Damage has also been corrected, as it was dealing higher than intended damage on additional targets.
  • Fixed incorrect text on the Nuia/Haranya/Auroria cargo tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause armor not to be displayed on the Stormwing Pegasus.
  • Fixed an issue where the Auction House could be opened while Trading or Crafting Request was open.
  • Fixed an issue where the Snared effect could be removed when a player tripped a target using Charge.
  • Steady Shooting: Cooldown will now start before the buff is removed, instead of after.
  • Soulbound Blades: Skill will now properly rank up to rank 2 when Abyssal Level is 40.
  • Entering Combat Mode will now end the "Good Day to Work" buff, as is intended.
  • Dreamwinder: The basic attack will now properly display the thrown objects it uses.
  • Fixed incorrect information on the White/Blue Coral Polyp's tooltip.
  • Appropriately removed the Illustrious equipment achievements.
  • Players can no longer enter a dungeon with a trade pack equipped.
  • Fixed an incorrect skill name on Crimson and Steel Lightning.
  • Fixed an issue where the Arcadian Smart Rod could clip through a character.
  • Adjusted the Returning distance of the mobs in the Windscour Savannah Shadow Invasion.
  • Purge: Now can remove the Charm debuff appropriately.
  • Fixed an issue where gardens could not be placed on specific inclined land.
  • Added additional description text in "Becoming the Fisher King."
  • Fixed incorrect warning messages that could be triggered while working on a fish stand.
  • Fixed an incorrect acquisition method of Astral Lunadrops in the Item Encyclopedia.
  • Updated the Use description on the Vocational Tonic tooltip.
  • Fixed a button image issue on the Skill UI.
  • Adjusted the sounds on the Hiram Guardian Instruments.
  • Fixed an appearance issue on the Shadow Daru Inform, which the costume's alternate look could change the angle of the female Dwarf's ears.
  • Fixed the appearance issue of the Golden Phoenix Regalia where it could change a player's hair style.
  • Fixed an issue where certain skills could not be used against the Singing Greenman Shoon in Villanelle.
  • Fixed an issue where specific monsters would not take damage from skills.
  • Daily Contracts can now be appropriately activated after 00:00 UTC (daily reset.)
  • Players can now properly accept the quest "Helping the Hiram,"
  • Fixed an issue where using "Flamebreath" on the Small Wyvern required consuming an item to use.
  • Fixed the issue where adjusting the screen resolution could cancel the Captain's Protection buff.
  • Fixed the issue where diamond shaped frames could not be placed close together.

General Known Issues
  • The restricted area for the weekly Kraken battles on Fresh Start is not highlighted in red when it's in effect.
  • Crafting recipes for Vivid and Lucid Synthium Stones are not listed for Fresh Start servers.
  • The mounts offered by the Manacharge Crystals are not the intended mounts for our region.
  • Awakening a Hiram item does not always reliably produce a lunastone.
  • We're asking if it's intentional for identified Hiram Infusions to not stack.
  • On some clients, not all of the names on the Fishing Contest rankings are being shown.
  • During the Fishing Contest, the first few skills used against a Pink Marlin do not take away health.
  • Untargetable targets are still hit by AoEs.
  • The Prince and Queen Crates are providing Clear Synthium Shards when they are not intended to.
  • Vyrava's Fragment is still dropping from Vyrava.
  • Loading Screen tooltips for the Awakening Scroll use are not appearing.
  • Snapping a plant on a sloped surface can sometimes cause them to snap inside of other plants.
  • Drop Back currently is not preventing fall damage.
  • Erenor items that were on the AH at the time of the update did not have their Synthesis XP calculated correctly, resulting in items displaying over 100% xp.
  • Summoning Thunderwing Titan still requires Lord's Coins.