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    ArcheAge EU Server Maintenance: 25 July, 2018 at 1:00 AM UTC (PDT +7)

    Hi everyone!

    The European ArcheAge servers will be unavailable at 1:00 AM UTC (PDT +7) on 25 July for weekly maintenance and server updates.

    The estimated duration for this downtime is 3 hours. In-game messaging will be broadcast in advance of the downtime.

    Link to Patch Notes.

    European players, please do not play on the North American servers until your servers are patched up during this maintenance. If you attempt to play on NA, the patcher will ask you to re-download the entire game.

    We'll see you back in Erenor afterwards!

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    In regards to the patch notes..

    That's it?

    No other fixes?

    - Synthium stone fixes?
    - Kraken spawns fixed or even acknowledged?
    - Abyssal Channeling not spawning crystals? but last patch it wasn't even able to be channeled?
    All of the other "Known Issues" Posted in the patch notes?

    Big Job

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    Perhaps restart the EU servers again since ppl can not get trough Glyph. We are having "Update" button now again.
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    Unable to connect to "Retribution" server on EU since the patch update.
    Get to the server select screen, then try to connect.
    Get the error message "The gods have disconnected you!, Check your network status and read any recent alerts."
    Well my network status is fine.

    Did you remember to switch the server back on again after the patch?

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    what the hell ? I was normal playing on eu server then try to change account(eu) and now game whants to download 13gb (whole game) why ??? (I was not loggin on us servers) I have ♥♥♥♥y connection speed i it took me all day to download 13gb...

    Now i dont do nothing and its dont want to download... this game... eeeh.... no words for this...

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    I cant login to Shatigon EU?

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    Thank you for fixing the connection issue.
    Just for the record - that is a 14 hour disconnection from a fumbled patch.
    More employee training please!

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