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    Eanna nuia
    Same for me and sometime just all stop moving for 1-2min and when it happend on 1 of my character the other can still launch spells (with latency).

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    LAG LAG LAG new server are totally ♥♥♥♥

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    First time logging in today and got this message:

    Can we have an update on what's been going on with the servers?

    Managed to log in but the server is still lagging since yesterday evening.
    It's quite frustrating to even kill mobs... At this point logging in just to do the dailies seems like an impossible task, can only imagine everything else.

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    no fix for this lag?

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    Dec 2018

    Thumbs up Servers still laggy

    its been 24 hrs and the servers are still lagging fix it!

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    still the same :/

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    Olympia, Wa
    laggy I got kicked while on Na Twice nopw in less than 10 minutes apart. been aggravating for past week or more. aggravating

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    LAG since update

    The game play is lagging now since the Christmas update. My rapid strike used to be just that, but now it's anything but rapid. Has there been a change to the server? Is the new update causing all the input delay? Has anyone else experienced this issue since the update?

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    same for me

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    Yes, been lagging for the past 2 days now, it is impossible to play the game.
    Basically wasting days of Patron, can't do my dailies, can't do the event arena, can't grind, can't pvp...

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