Recently formed Guild '' Snow Flakes'' looking for adventure friends!

*No Guild fees
*No pushing to join events
*Helping Returnees and New players
*Daily World Bosses, Hiram Raids
*Discord Server
*Ocean Actions
*Friend groups, families are welcomed!

We are looking for creating a family that we can enjoy the game together. No matter what your level is, no matter your gear score, no matter if you don't have land-ships etc.. Just be a good person and have fun! We are %100 Green friendly. No stealing, attacking green players (unless they attack you). Respecting every player is the key of having fun!
Also all Gamigo rules are accepted. Using exploits, scamming people, using 3rd party programs are forbidden. You will be kicked and reported to the support.

*Our first goal is having fun
*Grow together and get some gear
*Doing dungeons
*Doing Gold actions such as trade, fishing etc.
*Getting big bosses
*Having a good reputation
*Protecting Nuians from PN, Pirates and Haranians
*At last, getting a Castle!
*More will be added when we get stronger!

Mail me in-game to join and grab your guild Crests! Nickname: Minerpro