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Some additional info about event's titles.
You can get 3 titles in this event:
1) Never Gonna Give You Up - cost 30 event tokens.
2) Liberator - Complete mission "Flight of Freedom" 10 times.
3) Goblin Slayer - Kill 50 Elite Goblins.
Titles didn't gives any bonuses.

While getting Goblin Slayer token found one "feature' - if to be close enough to ground, on it fires goblins turrets. Using this "feature" you can get this title about in 5 mins.
Make video about it on YouTube.
I found how to use bomb wing non-limit time.but I only try at the "Final mission" but I think barrier mission can also work.
1.get the quest
2. use the wing to fly
3.abondon the mission
then the wing will still on your back, and when wing time out, loot 1-3
I done the Goblin Slayer token in 1 day.