I have this question: My friend and guildmate´s patron expires tomorrow. He will lose all his farms and house, (appeared a message telling his farm and house will be demolished). He cant pay patron cause personal reason etc...

My real question is: if i can buy 2x apex and send him for he can pay his patron. That is legal? or we will be banned for gold sellers or something like that? (I will send he for free, or for low amount of gold, and in one or two weeks, of patron status, he will pay me 3.800k gold, the value of x2 Apex) do you undestund me?

I put a lot of effort and some money on my account i dont wanna lose my char but dont want abandone my friend any GM can answer me before tomorrow? THANKS! @carendash

Sorry for my bad english

The last i want is lose my account, but i dont want too lose a friend, so i want to do the thing right, i hope you can help me guys is legal? i can send x2 apex without be banned? ty