Hello everyone. We are a small family with 30 active players. We are not hardcore guild. Just a small, chill family with some activities. We are doing sunkens, fishing, dungeons, trade runs, world bosses and some adventures like achievements or secret quests. We also doing Hirams sometimes but rarely. As you know, nation chat is running most of the events. After losing our village in Marcala(Still got plaza in Aubre ), we have no more alts in guild and 6 more place has been made. We have total 10 space in guild. We are looking for active players with nice personalities. Level, GS, lands etc.. doesn't matter. Casual players, people who like to help and get help, new and returning players are welcome. We have 2 rules;

*Green Friendly

We are %100 green friendly. No attacking, stealing from, trolling greens. Unless they attack you!


Most of the guilds have limit of a month. We have 10 days. If you don't login for 10 days, we assume you left the game and you will be replaced. Of course that doesn't mean we are not friends anymore If you come back, you welcome to join again.

You can whisper me in game (Ashorai) or apply guild from Shift T Also join us or not, you are always welcome to visit our webpage for some usefull guides