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Thread: Hiram Awakening Scrolls

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    Hiram Awakening Scrolls

    What's the best method of getting these? I'm doing my dailies which gives me around 20 a day, so 2 chances per day of upgrading my gear to Radiant.

    Are there other methods of getting them?

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    T1->T2 scrolls
    • Exeloch: 5
    • Sungoldfields: 5
    • Reedwind: 10
    • West Hiram Mountains (0g Quest from the shop): 5

    T2->T3 scrolls
    • West Hiram Mountains: 3*7
    • West Hiram Mountains (0g Quest from the shop): 4

    T3->T4 scrolls
    • East Hiram Mountains (boss quests): 2*5
    • East Hiram Mountains (mob quests - I recommend taking the infusions instead): 4+2

    General recommendation:
    • Complete all hiram dailies - this boosts your achievement rewards (rewards go all the way up to completing dailies 1.4k times)
    • Always take the scrolls instead of the infusions if you have the option - except for East Hiram Mountains (This will slow down your hiram progress a bit in the beginning compared to someone who puts all LP into synthesis, but you have more labor left for something else like awakening or tempering.
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    Abyssal legion mobs in Sungold, Exeloch, Reedwind that drop infusions also drop T1 > T2 scrolls. Was farming them when only basic infusions was available. Not sure if worth the effort with better infusions but if you have nothing else to do go ahead.

    All mobs in West Hiram mountain drop T2 > T3 scrolls. Drop rate is pretty bad last time I did it though.

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    You can also buy a daily quest in the marketplace for free every day. Awards tab. Then the gold tab.

    There is another quest in the marketplace for credits that gives you a bunch of scrolls every day for 28 days.

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