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Thread: 3 accounts is p2w

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    Most of the legacy mega potatoes or p2w players or gold sellers that own tons of lands, accounts, having very high gear scores like +10k, +12k, +13k, +15k etc will not come to this fresh start; because thy cannot abandon non of these.
    Funny, if you know the game a bit then u know reaching 10k is easy with Hiram Gear so the only point are the Gems they might be ♥♥♥♥ing expensive on this FS but hey NO PAY NO WIN!
    Make 10 Acc, make your Bluesalt Quest every day on the community center, after ~ 20 Days u get complete Ayanad Set which is tradable (this takes maybe 30 min for all acc) so no p2w ? ITS THE CORE GAME which has mechanics like this and the Game its self will be the same like on legacy.

    Deal with it, this FS is another Milkingservice from the same Trion ppl we know!

    Still wondering why ppl are so hyped about it, maybe the same ppl quitting after 2 month and telling game is ♥♥♥♥ and crying for a new FS.

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    I have to look at the 3 account rule from my own perspective and situation. If it is based on the IP address, either myself or the other person in my house is limited to two accounts and the other only one. It's restrictive, but also allows a family to play together.

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    Post About 3 Accounts per Player

    @Carendash noted the question in discord and will provide more information next friday stream

    Stop the flood

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