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Thread: Character Appearance in AA:U

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    Character Appearance in AA:U

    So it seems they have changed or removed things I used to make my original character in AA. One I was very happy with. I did try to transfer my saved character options to AA:U ans even took off the things it told me did not exist anymore. Still does not translate.

    Seems like it would have not been all that hard to allow people to use their old appearance choices if they wanted to.

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    That’s odd. All my saved appearances worked. I’m guessing you’re trying to make an elf?

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    From what i know, the account you created the character on needs to be the same as the one you're trying to load it on.
    You can transfer them if it's a different account by copying the saved appearances in your Documents/ArcheAge folder.

    Additionally, you can't load a saved Elf character created in F2P ArcheAge into Unchained as Elves have been reworked.

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