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I am getting not the point why we nation player in EU/NA are not getting the same chances as in KR to continue to play together.
Just give out that Pirate ticket as in KR or remove the pirate cap and let us playing together with our friends we are used to play for quite some time.
The game is dedicated to have 3way fights as the pirate faction is per design in.

Removing the pirate cap would even have the advantage, that those blocking alts are getting worthless.

For mid term it would be nice having some GS or leadership requirement to stay in pirate.

If it stays like it is now, there will be a clear AA-quit-decision for me and most of my friends. No, starting all over at AAU is pretty no option for anyone of us.
I do understand some of you people's frustration about "What I have grinded for and so on.. ". But what do you play games for? Isn't it for fun and entertainment? Are you happy with the situations on Legacy servers? Are you happy with different activities every day? Are you happy with the competition on Legacy servers?

Ive always find the most fun in games like this one is the journey to grind out from ground zero to end-game progression. New server like Unchained is going to bring you just that - the fun itself. What is legacy going to bring you? You have already got yourself close to best in slot vehicles, mounts, gliders, gear.. and what do you do with it at that point? Probably just chillin everyday and do pvp occassionally if there is enough people to contest content that no one benefits from anymore

So the main question is do you play games to posses things (gear,mounts,gliders,houses) or you play games to have fun ?