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Thread: Alts blocking the pirates faction

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    Simply remove all factions!

    Keep the crime system almost exactly the way it is. (Except: High infamy/crime points should increase the time a player is forced to stay in bloodlust mode)
    Remove bloodstains etc from certain zones (e.g. the seas) to allow pirating but keep it in other zones (e.g. the ones that are "nuia/haranya- controlled").
    Reintroduce the "high risk = high reward" system (e.g. oversea trade, fishing) to create an incentive for players to actually go out into the lawless zones.
    PvP events in random raids (or you can join as a group and get into a randomized event-faction).

    This won't happen and I guess that many would be against it, but that's how my ideal version of AA would look like.
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    It also really hurts that the pirate join area is now a Peace zone where you can not kill. I think they changed this in June before, it was not a peace zone.

    So pirates can not police this themselves on the weekly server restart etc..

    FS Nui is capped to 50, and we already have Erenor Heroes on the west who vote themselves Erenor hero with 50 alts lol, it is not that hard for east and west to clutter pirates up with a few spare alts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dolphinmarie View Post
    Yes Gamigo, you need to change pirate faction asap. At least by 6.0 when PN's are disbanded. XL Games in KR version gave PN's a free pass to pirates so this is not a problem for them. However you guys decided not to implement this. I came to find out that even if PN's go back to faction at least on Jakar they are not accepted in normal factions ex. Not being invited to public raids or being kick from raids and bloodlusted on, also PN's at least most of them have been working together for years because they like the community they are in. In Nuia or Haranya all you get is drama when they go there. So let them be able to join pirates with the community they enjoyed for so long. 1. Increase the cap 2. Remove the cap completely by 6.0 3. Make a gs requirement for pirates or 4. Remove all the alts so pirates are no longer blocked. Easy fixes. There is a gs requirement for instances so putting one on pirate faction is not hard. People are trying to make gold by putting alts in pirate faction and selling the spots. This is not what pirate faction was intended for. I think the worst mistake was putting a cap on pirate faction seeing how it's a 3rd faction and Nuia/Haranya has no cap. Fix this please asap or I am afraid people will leave the game since they will no longer be able to play with the community they have so grown to love and makes the game even more fun.
    making the game unplayable for ex-nation players because gamigo cant fix their ♥♥♥♥ with pirates selling slots for 10k each.

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    The big problem with the situation about the pirates alts, is that there is a few people with tons of alts that most likely gold sell, since they don´t even play with there mains, that are stoping one side (nation/pirate) from playing, witch you guys should realy look at, because it hurts the server. The game is supose to have 3 sides now, since nations are desbanding, and because of like 14 to 15 people that control 40 to 50 alts, we need to pay those people 10k as they asked to be able to join that side, witch as 100 slots only, and its supose to be able to do a quest to join and not pay 10k to an alt, i wouldn´t say a word if it was all main players, they went there first its ok, but exploiting the game this way, should get some attention.

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    I am getting not the point why we nation player in EU/NA are not getting the same chances as in KR to continue to play together.
    Just give out that Pirate ticket as in KR or remove the pirate cap and let us playing together with our friends we are used to play for quite some time.
    The game is dedicated to have 3way fights as the pirate faction is per design in.

    Removing the pirate cap would even have the advantage, that those blocking alts are getting worthless.

    For mid term it would be nice having some GS or leadership requirement to stay in pirate.

    If it stays like it is now, there will be a clear AA-quit-decision for me and most of my friends. No, starting all over at AAU is pretty no option for anyone of us.

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    The cap should be removed for 6.0, but they've already confirmed it won't be. They've also confirmed the weekly switch limit is 10 pirates per a week. Which is why LC will be going West this time around, instead of pirate until it is removed.
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    I m a pirate and problem is well-described thanks to Kaka. It s a sad reality. As a guild we are unable to recruit cos faction is capped by alt mostly. If a player wanna join pirates must pay gold.. this s an unacceptable shame. Pls try to solve this unpleasant situation

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    Currently with nations disbanding there will be (at least on EU) kinda a big imbalance between nuia and haranya. Taris will be heavily dominated by nuia and jakar will be dominated by haranya. There is no thirds number-limited force that can even this out currently as pirates are blocked by alts. Spots are sold, yes. But you easily encount scammers there and even if you want to buy a spot, 10k isn't really little (this is the current value on jakar) and getting 25-30 spots to actually contest most of the content is a huge challenge. so what's left? purpling and instantly going to jail kills the pvp. you might win the first fight but will lose the next one as you will lose halff the people to jailtime. So currently with the PK system (nearly instant trial. so no chance to fight it out) there is no way to fight it out against the same faction as they are all split in different guilds. and even with the usage of tactics (e. g. for twt) it makes it incrdedibly difficult to keep it up and I am scared that people will burn out and lose motivation, especially as haranyan you mainly just stay aside while a bunch of nuians can fight the already full haranyan raid. Will there be any way to change the requirements for pirates (leadership during a month, gs) or to remove the cap completely? I am sure if we wouldn't give any contest anymore and just going back to our factions and play with them, the servers gonna pretty much die out soon as nuia willnot show up anymore and haranya will literally get all bosses which then also means less pvp and actual content for the majority of the server. Can you forward this to the team? I know it wont be possible to answer here with a direct change but even tho AAU will come out and I will probably playing that too, I am still caring about legacy and would love to enjoy some pvp there too. Right now its either a jail-fest or we are watching 50 haranyans fighting 15 nuians without any way to balance it out

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    No official response yet from Gamigo?

    The problem is not going to go away, but your customers might.
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    Yeah and what would happen if you hand check a main character thats just plays 5 hours a week and wants to be a pirate with questionable gear?
    What you are basically asking is to make the first pirate joining the faction to become some kind of King of pirates with unlimited, undisputed rights and he can do whatever he wants from that point? Hell no

    You cannot force players to play 8+ hours a day so they can keep their faction status, or do any gearscore requirement because at early stages on new servers, no one will be able to become pirate due to low gear score.

    The ONLY viable solution to this is what Unchained is suppose to bring us - NO multiboxing ( because if you are forced to log out and log in your alt its going to force you to utilize your alt's labor and purpose a lot harder then just afking 24/7 on the background). Im not saying you won't see an alt just trying to keep a spot at pirate faction, but definetely will little to none doing that so.

    But since we are talking about legacy servers, thats another story. Let me just remind you that all of this is a consequence for AltAge, that most of you plebs on legacy wanted to have unlimited alts so you can maximize your profits and so on. I do not like multi-client feature and unlimited accounts per person on legacy, this is why I would only play Unchained when it comes down to Archeage. Legacy is long gone for me personally ever since the patch that they changed the old school bound honor system for lunagems, to a brand new p2w version of tradeble lunagems. That change completely killed the game for me... 1 day after the patch every single whale fully-gemmed their p2w mythic/legendary weapons and armors they have spent thousands of dollars on. From that point it was GG for anyone else that doesn't buy apex/credits on a daily basis

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