Chaotic Neutral

Formed from a core group of highly competitive and experienced progression players spanning all iterations of the game, Chaotic Neutral is seeking new and returning players alike to fill out its ranks. Our goal is to be competitive with other guilds on the server, while still retaining a relaxed and friendly environment. A lot of people have written similar statements; I want to briefly clarify what this means to us.

We probably won't be looking to siege castles. If that happens, awesome; we have plenty of experienced players that know how to handle it. That said, having been there, it's honestly a lot more work than most of us are looking for. We love the game and want to have a great time PvPing with our buddies; we don't want a second job.

We will still be doing world bosses, open world PvP, ocean content, and other such things; we're just going to keep it cool. All of us know how toxic ArcheAge can become once it takes over your life, and this time around we're going to avoid falling into that trap.

Who we want: Cooperative players who can keep their cool under pressure, are looking for a strong sense of community, and are blood-thirsty beyond all sensibility. We may not be sieging a castle, but you'd better believe we're looking to smear every red we come in contact with. All murder hobos are welcome.

If you're looking for a relaxed environment that gives you the agency to play the game the way you want to, but are also out for blood, then Chaotic Neutral is for you.

We Will:
- PvP often
- Always bring our 'A' game
- Maintain cool heads
- Meme hardily
- Do sea content, grinding groups, world bosses, etc.
- Work on builds, raid cohesion, and open world execution
- Win and lose as a team
- Support our members growth
- Get drunk and ride donkeys into the enemy frontline (this is considered bringing our 'A' game)

We Will Not:
- Tolerate members that grief, steal from, or generally harass other guildies

If you're interested in joining the guild or have more questions, hit me up on Discord: Malros#1533

We currently have a solid mix of frontline, DPS, and healers, so we're recruiting classes of all types. If that changes, I will update the post accordingly.

Enjoy the rest of your morning / afternoon / evening, and hope to speak to you soon!