We are a green friendly and like minded family. We currently have 26 active members in our guild in NA and going to start Unchained too. We have webpage, discord and some guides for new-returning players. Most important: we have a drama free, mature and helpful community. We have leaders, not bosses. No guild fee or donations. All we ask is being a friendly member which is spirit of our community


*Having fun without disturbing other players

*Discover new adventures

*Helping each other

*Using our experiences to get a good place in new server

*Grow together and try to protect ourselves and innocent players from pirates

*Doing dungeons, boss raids and gold activities such as fishing, sunkens, trade runs etc..

*Sharing knowledge about game


*We are a drama free community. We never had a fight in guild. We want to keep that awesome communication up.

*We are green friendly. Attacking, stealing, insulting greens without a reason is a reason to kick. If they do to you, we will protect you. We can KOS them if they insist.

*Max inactivity limit is 2 weeks. 2 weeks inactive players will be replaced to keep guild active.

*Gamigo rules are our rules. Using hack, exploit, bots is a sure kick. Also we will report you to support.

*We are not accepting any Alts. We want to keep our guild main only and alive.

Please add me on discord for guild server invitation: ashorai#3633 . Don't be shy, you don't have to join our guild to join our community

Edit: Forgot about website hehe : https://avalancheaa.weebly.com/