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Thread: rework the current garbage prison/crime system suggestion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harambequisha View Post
    it's less about the accumulation of crime points but more about the way they land you in jail

    makes no sense to me that an NPC automatically throws you in jail especially when the NPC names are "neutral guards"

    game is not what it used to be it makes pirating completely less rewarding ever since they separated the ability to turn into a pirate and infamy/crime points

    you gank your own faction for tradepacks/fish packs and you can't even turn in anywhere without being one shot except freedich so what is the point of pirating at all
    ? part of the fun and thrill of the game back in the days is knowing that at any point in time you might get jumped by pirates of your own faction while doing any open world content involving gold

    imo that's what kept you at your toes and what made this game stood out in the first place, none of this npc-will-one-shot-you-if-you-purple-your-own-faction carebear sht
    I'll try to go slow for you. The bolded part is you crying about not having any 'safe space' to turn in your packs. Grow a set, go to Freedich and turn in what you steal. If you're not strong enough to hold on to what you stole, you don't deserve to have it.
    People as stupid as you are make me weep for the state of this game.

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    i like how you are actually that brain dead to the point you are just humiliating yourself LOl

    yeah let me just kill someone in my own faction in land and travel half way across the map to go to freedich to turn in packs

    is your reading comprehension that weak that you think just because i said guards shouldn't one shot you it means i am scared to go to freedich? how do you even make that far-fetched correlation LOL? maybe it's just unrealistic to travel half way across the map to freedich to turn in a pack for around 40g? hence why i said it's not as rewarding as it used to be? actual ♥♥♥♥ing idiot stop speaking before you embarrass yourself even more LMAO

    on second thought your low iq actually makes my day brighter so you know what don't stop LOL keep going entertain me some more

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