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Thread: No Secure Payment Page

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    No Secure Payment Page

    Has the payment source page always been "not secure"? I'm getting a warning message saying it isn't and I'm leery to enter my information to add my card.

    I'm recently returning to game and I don't recall that ever being the case. Is there a problem with the payment processing pages right now?


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    keep trying until the red text goes away.
    i would NOT put cc info in there when its red.
    I've had it happen to me a few times, i just keep clicking store, item, and when its not showing the red text your all good.

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    F'd up for me too. It's an OLD problem that never seems to go away. And it's across all platforms and all devices (I've tried to log into the site from two different computers on six different browsers, my iPad and my Samsung phone with the WiFi off... always the same error). You can open a support ticket for it, but only if you're willing to wait a couple months for a reply.
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    I had the same issue. There is a accept cookies button that pops up on the bottom of the page and I had to hit that before it would go to a secure version. I hope this helps.

    They even make it hard to give them money.

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